Local Bites: Sushi Dominates the Landscape

Perhaps, long ago, in a land far away, there was a time and place where you could drive a block and not see a sushi restaurant. What a cold, barren, ludicrous place that must have been. I knew that sushi had completely taken over when I saw them popping up in Fresno. Once you’ve penetrated the heartland of California, you know you’ve arrived. So, since there are so many sushi restaurants in the are, I thought it wise to separate out a few as standouts or flops. Feel free to pitch in your own reco’s as well:

Taka’s Sushi
1730 S St, Sacramento
Food *** Ambience*** Service****

I usually hit Taka for lunch, so I don’t normally have the dinner fare there, but the fish is always wonderful and the service is on top of things. The only odd thing is that the head sushi chef resembles 49’s fullback Tom Rathman. I’m not sure if this is offputting or if it adds to the charm. Is this a factor of globalization, or are we still too narrow minded to not trust sushi from a guy named “Buck?”
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