More new cheap eats in Tahoe Park: M’s Teriyaki

I’m fine with the fact that Tahoe Park will never have a four star restaurant in its boundaries, or even really a restaurant where you don’t eat with paper forks. However what we do have is good cheap eats. From Tallac Village Donuts to Boon Boon Cafe, the Stockton/Broadway/14th Ave area has its fair share.

We can add one more to the list: M’s Teriyaki. Opened just recently in the small strip that formerly housed “Juan in a Million” taqueria, M’s is your typical cheap Japanese takeout joint. Local real estate agent Pat Vogeli, a Tahoe Park specialist and a loyal reader (Hi Pat!), tipped me off to the place and last night I gave it a try. It is comparable to the Teriyaki Grill place in Market Square — if you’re there, and you’re kinda hungry, it can be great eats. But if you’re looking for ambiance or to eat sushi, it’s probably not on your list.

Chicken teriyaki with a California roll is great comfort food in my book, and the fact that I was able to get 2 hand rolls and freshly grilled teriyaki for under $7 made me pretty happy. It’s probably not a destination for anybody outside the zip code, but it’s good takeout if you find yourself in the area.

M’s Teriyaki
5780 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 739-1888

Akebono- Beyond Category

I knew we had reached sushi saturation point in this town when we officially had more sushi restaurants than lobbyists. Sushi joints have become so ubiquitous that you’re liable to run into one even if you’re standing still. With so many choices, it not only becomes difficult to ferret out the good establishments from the bad, it also becomes difficult to actually differentiate good from bad. When you think about it, there are really three types of sushi restaurants: 1. Traditional (we really don’t have any of these in Sacramento), 2. Party sushi (e.g. Mikuni, Tokyo Fro’s, etc.), 3. Neighborhood sushi joints (the no frills sushi joint in your neighborhood and everyone else’s).

Where then do I categorize Akebono? It’s definitely not traditional what with its arm-long list of rolls and creative sauces. It’s definitely not party what with its relaxed vibe and decidedly unglamorous location. And it’s definitely not just another neighborhood sushi joint due to its exceptional non-sushi menu and its rather extraordinary sushi offerings.

To hell with labels. Akebono is simply incredible. Continue reading “Akebono- Beyond Category”

A Tale of Two Sushis: Miso and Ju Hachi

Two new sushi outlets are now open in the greater Tower District/Midtown area, and, despite their differences, each one is in the hands of a seasoned restaurateur.

Miso Sushi– Taking over the digs at 16th and Broadway wasn’t easy. What was supposed to be a quick renovation instead became a half-million dollar overhaul, says owner Roger Lee. As part owner of Silver Sake in Carmichael, Lee knows what it takes to get a restaurant off the ground. What he didn’t count on was the poor shape of the digs he was trying to move into. The previous occupant, Eddie Fong, lovingly ran a small breakfast operation out of the spot for years, but his rather cavalier attitude towards all things health code related didn’t exactly help arrest the decaying process in the already shaky building. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Sushis: Miso and Ju Hachi”

Kru: Further Reflections

‘Twas a busy weekend in Northern California for the Eats.  One of the highlights was a group event at Kru on J st.  Now I’ve already signaled my appreciation for Kru’s sushi in a previous piece, but I really haven’t had a chance to try their non-sushi items.  This group dinner gave the perfect opportunity to sample away at some true delicacies.  So, consider this an addendum to last week’s sushi review.

If you find yourself at Kru, take a chance and try their small plate of ribs, a fantastic plate with pork and hamachi “ribs.”  The ribs are flavorful, tender and delicious.  Also, the lamb chops are fantastic (yes they serve lamb chops at a Japanese restaurant, are you going to make a big deal out of it?), tender and perfectly cooked.  The “poke trio,” a selection of three fishes served in the traditional Hawaiian style was my favorite of the evening.  It was like a Hawaiian party in my mouth, except without the annoying tourists.

Really, who knew that all these sushi restaurants actually serve things besides sushi?  And, here’s the kicker, the non-sushi dishes are sometimes better than the sushi.  It makes you think, really, go ahead, try it, try thinking, come on, you can do it.  Ok, fine, just look at it this way, Kru can be a great destination point for the sushi and non-sushi eating crowd as well.  Thank God, since it doesn’t appear that Tex Wasabi’s is really thrilling anyone on that tip.  Keep trying, Guy!

Kru-2516 J St, Saramento

Sushi Roundup: Part Ni (two)

mmmmm, sushiIt’s been a while since we took on the topic of sushi here on the ‘rag.  Our first round of reviews garnered more than their share of comments, and one particular standout was highlighted for its complete inadequacy.  Much like the oceans from where we find our tasty swimming friends, the tides of sushi consumption are changing.  Here’s your update:

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Zokku-Hungry G Style

Inspired by a recent post on Vanilla Garlic, I found myself hunting through the files for an old review I did of Zokku under the nom-de-plume of “Hungry G.”  Hungry G, you see, was Russian immigrant who really knew how to party and was looking for a good time come hell or high water.  I did a few reviews written as Hungry G that were to be posted on a local party-goers website, but none were ever published.  So here, in its entirety is Hungry G’s take on Zokku.

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Like You Need Another Sushi Recommendation

There’s this place on the corner of Alta Arden and Fulton. It’s been there for many years. You’ve passed it a dozen times in your life, to and from Arden Fair, or when your mom would drag you to Gemco. You remember Gemco, you in your corduroy jumper and bowl haircut trying to convince your mother that you really really needed that new He-Man with the spring loaded sword arm.
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Tale of Two Sushi’s

Just ate at Taro’s this week, the hip Mikuni outlet at Arden Fair. It lived up to expectations, and those expectations were that it would be almost exactly like the other Mikuni outlets. I was not mistaken. Except for a few quirky menu additions, including a few dessert options that I’ll have to try on my next visit, and a few high-priced rolls that include such items as CA caviar, beluga and a 2 karat diamond, the menu is fairly familiar and pretty accessible. I had a fantastic sea steak salad and tuna ngiri with chopped jalapenos. My one complaint was that even though the main dining area had plenty of open tables, the hostess insisted on sitting us at a high-top bar table where the setting sun was coming through the windows like some Buck Rogers death laser.
Good food, fun ambience, mediocre service.

Taka’s sushi on 18th and S has closed and is looking for a new location. According to the Bee, arguments with the landlord peaked and they shut the whole operation down for the time being. If you ask me, it probably also had something to do with the comically large amount of roe that was included with almost every signature roll.
We’ll probably be seeing Taka’s reopen closer to midtown, but some might say that area is a little super-saturated with sushi already.

Sushi on Aisle 3

Because someone, not sure who anymore, requested it, here’s a quick rundown on all of the grocery store sushi I’ve consumed in the last 4 weeks.
Nugget- Various selections of pre-packaged sushi, all small rolls or shrimp and/or eel ngiri. I went for the spicy combo with spicy tuna, California and unagi rolls. Not bad tasting and well worth the $4 price tag.
Safeway- Hmmmmm, same selection, looks like SW and Nugget buy from the same distributor.
Bel Air- Same selection, see item 1.
Raley’s- See previous selection.
Ralph’s- Oh come on, this is getting silly.
Whole Foods- I hat those assholes; I’m not shopping at their market anymore.
So, it appears that all of the supermarket sushi in town is rolled and packaged by the same company somewhere in the Inland Empire with one of those made up sounding Spanish names like Rancho Santa Dominguez Enchilada Hills or something. I guess it’s all the same no matter where you go. So don’t be choosy. Just grab-n-go and try not to imagine some poor illegal immigrant putting together sushi in East LA for $2 an hour. Instead, think of the poor Chinese laborer who has to works for pennies a day trying to fit a thimble full of soy sauce into those small ketchup sized packets. Eat wisely, my friends.