“Three’s a crowd” to the rescue

The Feeder Line at Peet's Coffee & Tea
The feeder line embraced
at Peet’s Coffee on 19th Street

A recent Associate Press poll found that most Americans are in a hurry and lose their cool in a hurry when waiting in line or on hold.

Almost one in four in the AP-Ipsos poll picked the grocery checkout as the line where their patience is most likely to melt like the ice cream turning to goo in their cart.

Hmmm, doesn’t that mean that almost three in four didn’t pick the grocery checkout? At any rate, I have to agree that a grocery store line does seem to irritate me faster than other lines around town.

“We walk in the door with the clock ticking with various degrees of loudness in our heads. And if I get to the checkout and if I have the perception it’s not working efficiently, often that clock gets even louder.”

A line not working efficiently you say? If only there was a way to make a line work more efficiently.
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Sacramento, get a hold of yourself

As we discussed earlier this week, Ikea opened today to the public and, shocker, there were a flood of folks waiting in line to get in.

From cbs13.com:

Customers have been camping out for days, others for hours and hundreds more are lined up in the cold this morning waiting for their chance to shop at IKEA. The Swedish furniture chain is opening is 27th store in North America today in West Sacramento.

Hear that Sacramento? The 27th store in North America. The Emeryville location has been open for years with little to no fanfare. So what gives? And it is a Wednesday, you know, sometimes referred to as a "work day" which really has me scratching my head.

After opening ceremonies that included the Swedish National Anthem, sawing of a log and lots of free IKEA goodies, the doors opening about 15 minutes early. Many customers are sporting yellow IKEA ball caps and women dressed in traditional Swedish costumes are entertaining the crowds.

What in the name of Pippi Longstocking is going on here, people? Somebody, set me straight.

Can’t wait to wait

Sacramento’s love affair with a line continued on Saturday as more than a 100 people waited for over 2 hours in front of the Pet Smart on Arden Way to have their personal documents shredded for free.

Sure, I get that identity theft is real, but who are these people that have boxes upon boxes of records to shred?

“Fifteen years’ worth of stuff in here,” said John Wachter, 53, of Carmichael as he dug through a 20-pound bag of old bank statements and receipts. “Don’t remember buying half of it.”

Hmmm, perhaps some of these folks are better off waiting in line at the Oprah show the next time she discusses hoarding.

On the other hand, perhaps these “free” shredding days are part of a master plan to hook the public like a drug dealer offering the first few hits “on the house” with the hope you’ll come crawling back ready to pay any price. A little over the top, you say? Check this out:

An employee could be entitled to recover actual damages sustained if his or her identity is stolen as a result of your inaction. Or you could have to pay statutory damages of up to $1,000 per employee.