Some people became angry

Crowd waiting for Air Jordans
Happy Holidays.

From we learn that, in spite of these tough economic times, people still covet sneakers and are willing to wait in line for them.

Crowds were in line waiting for the release of Air Jordan 11. The crowd that gathered for the $175 sneakers became so unruly, police were brought in and the mall closed. As a result, many customers who had been standing in line for hours became angry…Some people reportedly tried to get into the mall through back doors.

No word if any were wearing hoodies. Although I can report that Mrs. TopofIt has intentionally worn a hoodie at the Arden Fair Mall without so much as a second look.

Only six people were able to get shoes before the mall was closed. They received a special police escort from the mall to their vehicles.

$175 for reissued shoes! Man, people are funny.

H1N1 Update: Clinics open to all

The Sacramento County Public Health site has been updated with new free H1N1 vaccine clinics. In Sacramento County, there are no longer restrictions on who can receive the shots. Follow their Twitter page for the latest.

From the Bee article:

To avoid waiting in long lines at the public clinics, call your doctor’s office to see if they have the vaccination.

Hmm. A lot can be read into that statement, huh?

Newest member of Sactosphere: Jason Thompson

jason-thompsonThe Sacramento Press puts out approximately 18 kazillion articles in a day, so one or five or 10 are going to slip past unnoticed. So in case you missed it: “What’s up Kings fans?” by the Sac Press’s latest blogger, Kings second year big man Jason Thompson. He invites us fans out to “Paint the Town” purple this weekend and has lots of nice things to say about our town:

Now that I’ve lived here a year, I just like how clean the city of Sacramento is. It’s one of those cities where there aren’t too many distractions. I think Mayor Kevin Johnson does a good job with security, and everywhere I go people treat me with respect. People of Sacramento really know how to treat people right and it keeps everyone out of trouble.

Welcome to the Sactosphere, JT!! Maybe you can get a Squirty Tip of your own.

Survey Says…

You Peet’s regulars have surely noticed the sweet lady asking folks to fill out a survey while waiting in line at the Lyon Village location. She is offering a free cup of joe just for filling out the two page survey which mostly deals with demographics and coffee drinking patterns.

So, first and foremost, we love us a free anything here at the Sac Rag so head on down to Peet’s and hop in line.

Now, back to my point. Today I struck up a conversation with the gal. We discussed the Lyon Village location as well as the others in the area. Of course, this lead to our thoughts about a redesign. I freaked her out I am sure with my overly thought out plans for renovation as well as my opinion on the confusion that occurs from time to time when the coffee bean counter doubles as a coffee line which then forces the patrons to create a feeder line on the fly. This doesn’t always work out so well when everyone is not on board with the idea. She humored me and provided feedback. She also mentioned that some folks had suggested a line be created for just drip coffee orders and one for specialty drinks. If you are reading this survey lady, I apologize for my enthusiasm and references to sketches and blueprints I have available upon request.

My assumption is this has to do with the pending remodel first discussed on this here web log last month. You insiders care to chime in?

Video game lovers can’t wait reports that the Sacramento Best Buy store has asked folks to leave who are camping out hoping to get their hands on the new Sony Playstation which goes on sale Friday (I know, today is only Wednesday, crazy, huh?).

The property owners forced the campers to move out. But all is not lost. Best Buy did take the names of everyone in line and gave them a number so when the PS3 goes on sale Friday they won’t lose their spot.

While this may sound like a great idea at first, I can’t help but wonder if this will only create a mad rush to “pre” camp out the next time some fancy electronic gizmo is released with the hope of grabbing a number so they can jump to the front of the line once the product is available. However, this apparently is one fancy gadget:

“It’s pretty much like the ultimate game machine — 60 gigabyte hard drive. And blue-ray players so it plays all your high definition movies. And then all your games are at the highest resolution…”

It’s pretty much like? Gee, why didn’t you say something earlier, let’s get out there then.

Grab your wait’n hat, chicken lovers or Take that, IKEA!

That’s right, as discussed here last year about this time, Sacramento is now set to open its very own Chick-fil-A restaurant this weekend (September 28, 2006).

A one-year supply of free Chick-fil-A® Combo Meals (52 coupons) will be given away to each of the first 100 adults, age 18 and older with identification, at the new stand-alone restaurant at 2101 Alta Arden Expressway, behind Arden Fair Mall between Howe Avenue and Ethan Way. The line can begin forming up to 24 hours prior to the opening, with the prizes being awarded on Sept. 28 between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. The restaurant will open at 6:30 a.m.

Oh, baby, this one should be a doozy!

UPDATE: Hey, isn’t today the 28th? Why aren’t the news agencies reporting live from scene? Or are they? Oh, and if you don’t think the Unions have juice in this town…think again.

“Three’s a crowd” to the rescue

The Feeder Line at Peet's Coffee & Tea
The feeder line embraced
at Peet’s Coffee on 19th Street

A recent Associate Press poll found that most Americans are in a hurry and lose their cool in a hurry when waiting in line or on hold.

Almost one in four in the AP-Ipsos poll picked the grocery checkout as the line where their patience is most likely to melt like the ice cream turning to goo in their cart.

Hmmm, doesn’t that mean that almost three in four didn’t pick the grocery checkout? At any rate, I have to agree that a grocery store line does seem to irritate me faster than other lines around town.

“We walk in the door with the clock ticking with various degrees of loudness in our heads. And if I get to the checkout and if I have the perception it’s not working efficiently, often that clock gets even louder.”

A line not working efficiently you say? If only there was a way to make a line work more efficiently.
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Sacramento, get a hold of yourself

As we discussed earlier this week, Ikea opened today to the public and, shocker, there were a flood of folks waiting in line to get in.


Customers have been camping out for days, others for hours and hundreds more are lined up in the cold this morning waiting for their chance to shop at IKEA. The Swedish furniture chain is opening is 27th store in North America today in West Sacramento.

Hear that Sacramento? The 27th store in North America. The Emeryville location has been open for years with little to no fanfare. So what gives? And it is a Wednesday, you know, sometimes referred to as a "work day" which really has me scratching my head.

After opening ceremonies that included the Swedish National Anthem, sawing of a log and lots of free IKEA goodies, the doors opening about 15 minutes early. Many customers are sporting yellow IKEA ball caps and women dressed in traditional Swedish costumes are entertaining the crowds.

What in the name of Pippi Longstocking is going on here, people? Somebody, set me straight.