Women in Brewing at Rubicon

womeninbrewNothing affirms the sense of renewal that comes with Spring like seeing mother critters care for their young. I’m lucky to have several bird nests in the backyard and have spent the past month watching hummingbirds zip about. At first, they were just mothers building nests, but now there are several tiny reminders of their diligence and care searching for bugs, learning to fly and yelling for mom.

Rubicon Brewing Company salutes women and their life-giving generosity with their annual Celebration of Women Brewers that benefits W.E.A.V.E. and the fight against domestic violence. Some of these beers are made specifically for this event, so be thankful that California has several members of The Pink Boots Society. Our hometown brewers are Darcie Quinn and Brenda Studabaker from Rubicon and Sarah Irwin from SacBrew.

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