Sacramento’s Assembly Race begins!

Just when we are recovering from Obamafever, our next election is already looming. Today, Sacramento County Supervisor Roger Dickinson announced his candidacy to represent California’s Ninth Assembly District, which includes 90% of the City of Sacramento and two-thirds of Florin. This seat will be vacated by Dave Jones, who is termed out and plans to run for State Insurance Commissioner.

Dickinson and City Councilmember Kevin McCarty have both been making the rounds at mixers for young politicos to recruit young talent for the upcoming Democratic primary. McCarty is expected to announce his candidacy soon, while Councilmember Lauren Hammond remains quiet after her announcement in January. The winner of this primary is the clear favorite to retain a solidly Democratic seat. McCarty has the interesting potential to be the third consecutive District 6 Councilmember to win this seat. Jones succeeded Senator Darrell Steinberg in both the Assembly and the City Council.