Stylish midtown robber strikes

Next time somebody tries to tell you Sacto is an uncool “cow town,” point out to them that even our common criminals have hip urban style:

Midtown Robber Targets Women
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A series of armed robberies in downtown and midtown Sacramento has put women on alert. …

The victims stated that the man was relatively clean-cut and well dressed.

The man was described during one of the crimes as wearing a yellow, blue and white striped shirt with clear “J -Lo”-style sunglasses and blue jeans. (via KCRA)

Sure, this makes me feel good about the status of fashion sense among my city’s street crime, but am I supposed to keep tabs on J-Lo’s fashion line in order to help maintain justice on the streets? “Oh that guy running away with that lady’s purse might be a criminal, but those are clearly Cherokee brand shades from Target he’s wearing! How common!”