Consignment Sale Alert!

Stripes are all the rage right now. These stripes only cost me $6.

If you haven’t already visited the new Article Consignment Boutique at 5704 Elvas Avenue, I suggest you get a move on. Starting tomorrow, January 29 through February 6, you’ll get an extra 10% off items dated 12/30.

That means 60% savings, folks! This consignment store operates on the 30-day system. If an item hasn’t sold after 30 days, it gets marked down to half its original selling price. Bargains await!

This cute little shop gets all sorts of fab pieces from East Sac’s elite. I found Prada, Banana Republic, and Lucky, to name but a few. Continue reading “Consignment Sale Alert!”

Design of the Times

Jason Williams shows of his tattoo
Go, EBOY, Go!
While the Sac Rag takes a few days off to celebrate the winter solstice, I thought I would leave you with a few links to sites showcasing tattoos of all shapes and sizes.

Nothing on current Sacramento Kings, but I did find more from former King, Jason Williams.

Happy Holidays!

Vintage Fresh: Bows & Arrows Offers Anniversary Sale

My pretty, pretty dress sewn by staff designers at Bows & Arrows. Purchased for $30.
My pretty, pretty dress sewn by staff designers at Bows & Arrows. Purchased for $30.

Do your eyes widen at the site of acrylic? Does your closet hold a collection of pieces from your mom, your grandma, and possibly even your dad’s old wardrobe? Can you replicate the latest fashion trends just by rummaging through treasures at the back of your closet? Do you wear those clothes to your professional job?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, chances are you’re a vintage junkie. Lucky for you, there’s an elemental store that caters to the inner-most fashion dreams of the true vintage queen: Bows & Arrows. Indeed, this place, decked out with its fluffy cat idols and ultra-hip recyclables, could easily double as a museum of fashions gone by—and come back again. Filled with age-old classics ranging from fluorescent, poke-a-dot housewife dresses and faded cowgirl boots to 80s sunglasses and authentic stirrup leggings, this shop will make you drop to your knees and thank the style goddesses. If thrift stores were ever trendy, Bows & Arrows takes the lead.

Bows & Arrows opened two years ago. In fact, they’re holding an anniversary sale this Second Saturday, November 14 with 25% off everything! With prices already ranging from $5 to $30, you won’t want to miss out on these savings. They’re located at 1712 L Street in midtown, and will stay open till 10 pm. Festivities will include live music by Rip Wavez, Lite Brite, and Musical Charis with featured art by Jairus Tonel.

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Woodland’s Top Model candidate makes doe eyes at Tyra

Rachel, a native of Woodland, CA, made the cut on the 13th season (I just can’t type “cycle,” I can’t do it!) of “America’s Next Top Model” last night, continuing Norcal’s dominance of the show. (We can also claim blonde-turned brunette Brittany, who hails from from Livermore.) Doe-eyed 19-year old Rachel is one of 13 finalists all under 5′ 7″ ready to claw their way into the industry. Apparently, if you wish to be a model but you are under 67″ tall you may as well also have scaly skin or a prehensile tail.

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Spotted – the Coolest Couple in town

We spotted the coolest couple in town this weekend at Trader Joe’s in East Sacramento. He was bald and wearing faded short-legged blue coveralls, which gave him the appearance of an artist in his paint clothes. She had reddish dyed hair done up in an old-fashioned style, vintage inspired shades, a blouse, and high-waisted side-zip 1950s dungarees, like these from Freddies of Pinewood, but even higher-waisted and with flared legs. The two looked like Katharine Hepburn and Jackson Pollock out doing errands.

They passed in front of our car in the TJ’s parking lot and loaded their groceries into a older Volvo sedan. I’m not much for talking about fashion, but I knows über-cool when I sees it. If I were writing for The Sactorialist I would have stopped traffic in the TJ’s parking lot to take their photo.

Has anybody else seen this couple? Or did we dream it?

Sacramentan is America’s Third Top Model

St. Francis H.S. alum Analeigh Tipton finished third in the 11th cycle of America’s Next Top Model tonight, which I believe means that she wins the ceremonial title of Greater Midwest’s Next Top Model and takes the national throne if and when the other two are unable to serve out their terms.

I’m honestly surprised that she didn’t at least finish second, though she did totally blow it toward the end there. I just never thought Samantha would get that far, considering she looked like an Applebee’s server and couldn’t walk on the runway, which as job skills go is crucial when you’re a model. However I have a history of being terrible at calling these things.

Long hair: not just for hippies!

Even hair fashion has a local angle… Bee fashion writer Leigh Grogan covers the recent trend of longer hair being acceptable for women of all ages. Which personally I think is a triumph of the human spirit on par with “Babe” the talking pig or The Astronaut Farmer. At first I laughed to see Celine Dion, Gwynneth, Demi Moore (still alive), Nicole Kidman, and then Christina Mendonsa, but I suppose she does have the most fabulous hair among the local celebrity set. Although I was always partial to John Alston, though not in that way