No Impact Week: I Join a Global Experiment in Sustainable Living

NoImpactManInspired by best-selling No Impact Man, on Sunday I joined other world citizens to commit to a week of no-impact living. Over the course of eight days, my husband and I will attempt to follow the project’s guided steps and 1) consume less, 2) create less trash, 3) use less transportation, 4) eat locally, 5) reduce energy use, 6) use less water, 7) get involved with an environmental group, and 8) reflect on it all.

You can get involved, too! I signed up online. After that, the project provided me with an online guide containing detailed instructions for the week—with strict orders that it not be printed, of course. According to the helpful tips, as we progress through the week, we’re supposed to gradually decrease our environmental footprint, eliminating as we go.

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