Couldn’t you maybe just not use the quote?

Sad story today about a beating murder in Oak Park the other day. Let’s just all agree that the residents of this storied old neighborhood deserve better.

That being the case, do you think Bee writer Cameron Jahn could have maybe found a different quote to describe the victim?

“He was sort of a sketchy guy, but at some level, he was kind of a cool person, like a ghetto archetype,” said Chris Ganson, who lives a few doors down.

‘Scuse me? I was thinking more along the lines of “he was a good man who did not deserve to be mercilessly beaten to death by a group of thugs.” How does that quote help me understand the story any better? Also I think the quote has a typo… in my dictionary that word starts with “stereo-” not “arche-” (thanks RonTopofIt).

Stockton Blvd. beautification going strong

The City has installed islands on the portion of Stockton Blvd. between Broadway and 14th Ave, which is right by Tahoe Park, the CoolDMZ clan’s whereabouts. And just yesterday they planted some small palm trees, which is super classy. Picture to follow when I get my act together about posting photos.

Now the prostitutes that troll along that stretch of Stockton Blvd. can imagine they are walking the sandy beaches of Tahiti!