Old Soul Opens in Oak Park

Old Soul Co. is officially open in Oak Park! The company opened this, their third Sacramento location, in the former Starbucks space at 35th Street and Broadway in Kevin Johnson’s 40 Acres complex. Their grand opening took place last Saturday.

The new cafe offers many Old Soul standards: custom roasted coffees, house-made chai (spicy and delish!), homemade soups, sandwiches, salads, pastries, and even breakfast quiches. Their hours are 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day. Head on over to support one of Sacramento’s brightest local businesses.

Old Soul to open coffee shop in old Oak Park Starbucks

Old Soul Co., who run Old Soul and Weatherstone in Midtown, announced on their blog yesterday that they will be opening a coffee shop in the site of the Oak Park Starbucks which closed earlier this year. There will be a party to celebrate the opening on Monday from 11 am – 4 pm. The location is at Broadway and 35th Street.

That location sure didn’t stay vacant for very long even despite the recent economic downturn you may or may have not heard about. This is great news!

Boon Boon: Your Asian Fusion Connection

I always felt bad that I had teased the folks at Boon Boon, especially after a commenter pointed out that the restaurant is named after the owner’s mother. The fact that several commenters on that post remarked on discussions with the staff at Boon Boon is very telling about the kind of place Boon Boon is. I’m glad that I finally checked it out, because this is a little gem of a place.

This is the right kind of fusion for me–it’s not so much specific menu items that are tweaked, it’s the menu as a whole. Thai favorites like curries and pad thai are alongside spaghetti and meatballs and “Southern Great Steak” (“A great recipe from a Southern Attorney who bring on tasty Prime selected quality Rib Eye beef same grade as 5 stars steak house with half the price, come with pan fried butter herbs potatoes, and mixed steamed veggies.”)

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“Boon Boon,” coming soon soon

The thread about lack of good restaurants in Tahoe Park and our ongoing meme of “dead zones” — not to be confused with dead-to-me zones–reminded me of the dead zone that is the seeming former art deco theater building on Stockton and Broadway behind Subway, which just in the last few years has been home to 3 or 4 eating establishments that never saw the light of day. The current business hoping to reverse that trend is going to be called “Boon Boon.” I’ll let you read that name and think about it for a second. Ready? On the count of 10, what comes to mind?

Boom boom, right? Like, “I ate at that new Vietnamese restaurant on Broadway and twenty minutes later I had to make boom boom like rilly bad.”

However, in the interest of the Stockton corridor and good eateries for the greater Tahoe Park area I vow to try Boon Boon at least once. Assuming it does in fact not go the way of Po Boys, Quotes Bistro, and all the other failed restaurants that came before it…

City wants you to photograph dumpers

Illegal dumpingThe Bee reported today that the city will start awarding $500 to citizens who send in photographic evidence of illegal garbage dumping. It is a severe problem in neighborhoods like Oak Park, and one hopes the city’s plan will work. The guilty parties will be fined $500.

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Creepy dystopian news of the day

I’m really conflicted about this. There are very few organizations, local or otherwise, whose missions I respect more than Kevin Johnson’s St. HOPE. But the educational org’s newest project has me a little weirded out:

Imagine taking your child to a preschool that could scan each little brain, take blood samples, administer psychological tests or do genetic testing to help decide which teaching techniques best suit each youngster.

I don’t know, I mean it’s a little derivative…I think there was a newer episode of Twilight Zone like that… Oh wait, you’re not describing a horrifying dystopian future setting for a sci-fi movie, that’s an actual plan for a school.

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