Signs, signs everywhere

Occupy Sacramento attracted hundreds of protesters today.

Protesters gain credibility with both correct spelling and witty observations
Today’s Occupy Sacramento gathering was interesting mix of social activists, anarcho-punks, young hippies, libertarians, commies, old hippies, homeless, students, zeitgeisters, union folk, families, crazies and others. I failed in my attempt to spot the FBI agent (you know there was one), but maybe she was off getting lunch while I was there. As I am fascinated with communication tools such as T-shirts and bumper stickers, I took plenty of pictures of the signage (posted after the jump). Spelling and grammar were both spot on, so don’t expect a crop of hilarious, left wing examples of Teabonics.

After speaking to several of the organizers, I became impressed with their intentions and plans to work with the participants on developing goals and policy recommendations to back up their frustration with government and corporations. I also appreciated the good nature, friendliness and humor of participants as they held votes on long term strategies and short term plans for things like food and Porta-Potties. This was not an angry demonstration, but a determined one.

Unfortunately for them, much of these planning efforts will be wasted as their camping plans will be interrupted by SacPD tonight. It seemed to be common knowledge among everyone except the protestors that they would either leave by 11pm or be arrested. A few hours after I learned of this, the first warning was issued that the party would not be a sleepover.

Despite their impending removal, organizers are determined to continue to refine their message and disseminate it through a variety of channels, including social media, news and through demonstrations. Follow them on their competing Facebook pages and web sites.

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