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Remember, you have a choice here.
A friend sent me a letter she received from SMUD letting her know how important it is to offer their customers options when it comes to many aspects of her electric service. In particular, the letter discussed her options regarding the installation of a smart meter at her home.

We also have a responsibility to all of our customers to provide reliable electricity at the lowest cost possible. When customers do not have a smart meter, there are additional costs and conditions for the alternative meter and equipment, as well as for ongoing maintenance and meter reading. If you choose to opt out of having a smart meter, the following will apply:

  • You will be charged a one-time fee of $127.00.
  • You will have an additional monthly fee of $39.40 added to your SMUD bill.
  • You must be current with your bill, and allow monthly access to your meter.
  • We’ll install an alternative meter at your home in 2013.

Unlike a smart meter, the alternative meter will not be able to provide daily updates with your hourly, daily, or weekly electricity use. Also, it will not identify power outages. And, you may not be able to participate in future energy-saving programs such as those using a home area network.

They will also automatically add these charges to her bill if she DOES NOT call SMUD to make an appointment for installation or indicate that she would like to opt out of having one.

Much has been made about the safety of these smart meters especially with regard to radiation exposure so it is great to see SMUD showing such compassion and understanding with such a tough personal decision.