Here’s a tip: Eat at El Forastero

Tip jar at El Forastero's drive-through on Fair Oaks Blvd.
Not sure this is the best idea the folks at El Forastero have had.

The RonTopofIt family hit the drive-through at El Forastero Mexican Restaurant on Fair Oaks Blvd. at Walnut Ave. this afternoon for a quick bite. I had been meaning to give it a go since they took over the space previously occupied by Taco Ball back in October (a large chain being replaced by a smaller chain, go figure). Shocker, Yelp is all over the place with reviews. I went in with little research, however, and had never been to the other locations in Sacrament and Stockton (it’s been a few months, guys, time to update the website) so I was ready.

Highlight #1: Open 24 hours

Of course I’ll never utilize this feature, but it is nice to know it is there. If I was young and single, I’m sure this would be awesome after a late night of hanging out by myself watching Seinfeld reruns.

Highlight #2: Breakfast is served all day

I love me a breakfast burrito. Simple to make, but not always easy to make, especially at 2 in the afternoon when only bacon and scrambled eggs wrapped in a tortilla will do. Continue reading “Here’s a tip: Eat at El Forastero”

A mix of beautiful and seedy

It’s always fun to read what folks have to say about Sacramento who do not live here.

From a review at

My first impression riding in was mixed and the city seemed fairly empty, there were not nearly as many folks walking around as I thought there would be in a city of that size at that time of day.

I’ve noticed this myself. Sure, traffic is a mess, but once people get to their homes they don’t seem to hit the streets, huh? Well, if you don’t have a home you do…

Leaving the restaurant, the sun was beginning to set, and I was surprised to see that most of the shops had already closed. Retracing my steps to the hotel was kind of spooky, There were very few people on the streets and many of those that I saw seemed to be vagrants. I was hit up for change at least half dozen times before reaching the hotel.

The author continues with a few great reviews of restaurants (especially Aioli) and services, so give it a read and tell us what you think.

Is Sacramento a tourist destination? Can it be?