More on Tyreke’s suspension

Tyreke Evans learning he's been caught on tape.
Why did they not follow the other car?
I can’t decide where I stand on this (horribly old, I can’t believe I’m taking about it, wish I was cool like…) Tyreke Evans speeding/suspension story.

Kings guard Tyreke Evans was suspended for one game without pay for his reckless driving charge on May 31, the league announced today.

This made the news originally, but was quickly passed up by other sports stories. Then, the video was released and things started back up again. And now the NBA decides it wants to crack down on these misbehavin’ kids.

Also suspended by the NBA were Brandon Rush of the Indiana Pacers and Kenny Hasbrouck of the Miami Heat. Rush was suspended for five games for violating the league’s anti-drug program and Hasbrouck two games for driving while intoxicated.

I tend to lean on the side of “these kids need to learn their lesson” as it is frustrating to read one story after the other about professionals athletes making bad decisions. And, although no one was injured in the incident, there were some seriously close calls what with the bobbing and weaving going on between the two cars. On the other hand, is this suspension in response to the action or the publicity of the video and subsequent renewed media attention? That is, is this like rubbing your dog’s face in the mess he made in the living room twenty minutes after you’ve cleaned it up?

Reactions to the Kevin Martin trade

It looks like Kevin Martin will be traded to Houston today for two Rockets: Carl Landry and Joey Dorsey. Both are 6-8 “power forwards” and the Kings will also be giving up 3 other players. It seems like Tracy McGrady will probably end up with the Knicks, although there is an outside chance he’ll be coming here. I suppose if T-Mac ends up here it might be with another player from New York, but even Knicks fans don’t want Knicks on their team.

At some point this morning I am hoping I’ll wake up and this will all have been a terrible, terrible dream. As usual I have no idea what I’m talking about, and this Carl Landry fellow seems like he could end up being a great player, although he is the same age as Martin and Martin is already a star. But things must be pretty bad that the Kings couldn’t give K-Mart/#RekeROY even 30 games together. What do you all think (besides you, TS)?

UPDATE: McGrady is definitely heading to New York, Kenny Thomas is staying put, and we get Larry Hughes. Over at Fanhouse, ex-Ragger Tom Ziller analyzes the deal. I am trying to see the silver lining here and I guess Landry and some expiring contracts are that silver lining.