New reality show features former Aggie athletes

Team "California Girls"

ABC’s upcoming Mark Burnett reality show “EXPEDITION IMPOSSIBLE” features 12 teams in a sort of Fantastic Race across Morocco, and when the show premieres it will count 3 former UC Davis female athletes among the teams vying for the Amazing title.

The beauties from Team California Girls not only carry the burden of being both gorgeous and smart, they also happen to be talented athletes. Christina, Brittany and Natalie met at UC Davis, where they were all recruited to compete for the Aggies. These ladies are always up for adventure and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty.

We all have our burdens. The show, which premieres June 23, will be hosted by Dave Salmoni, otherwise known as that idiot who bangs a stick to taunt wild lions. (The Huffington Post is still a thing?)

Where was I? Hella hard to find

Where am I?  These guys are hella tight.
Why do I have craving for a high quality meal at a competitive price?

This story about the UC Davis physics undergraduate trying get the word “hella” to be accepted as a unit of measure, distance, etc. is quite entertaining. The comments of course are choice. Is he the smartest dude ever? Or, is he totally stupid? Such a lame debate. Whatever.

Oh, speaking of, did anyone ever use the word “moded” when someone was embarrassed or insulted? You got moded! Just curious if that was specific to my junior high or what.