I believe I ordered the *large* yogurt

Tutti Frutti Yogurt in West Sacramento, CA
Mmm, bloating

I visited the Tutti Frutti Yogurt shop today after lunch in West Sacramento. I’ve been to many of these places as they have popped up all over Sacramento, but this one really goes for the jugular in the portions department. The photo here is their smallest cup. I may use it as my dog’s water bowl.

I was given a coupon which informed me that by eating their yogurt I will strengthen my immune system, improve my mineral absorption, reduce my blood pressure & cholesterol, and, most importantly, will prevent me from having diarrhea and bloating! Man, eating healthy has never been so much fun.

Joking aside, the yogurt was pretty good, the toppings fresh, and the environment clean and inviting. I’ll go back.

Tutti Frutti West Sacramento
779 Ikea Ct. Ste 130
West Sacramento, CA 95605
(916) 376-0557

Pinkberry VIP grand opening

Benji Madden Jason Evigan and Joe Manganiello
Hope we get this kind of star studded affair.
Creative Commons License photo credit: @Photo .

By now you know that the LA frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry is moving into the Sacramento fro-yo market, with several stores “swirling soon” around the area, including Howe ’bout Arden and Loehmann’s Plaza, Elk Grove, Sunrise and Davis.

I’m not the fro-yo aficionado that some of my compatriots are, so I’m sure this will get adequate coverage here on this Web log. I merely want to highlight the fact that for the grand opening at Howe ’bout Arden on Thursday, the PR folks behind the Pinkberry entree into Nor Cal are setting up a “VIP tent” and inviting all the movers and shakers in the area including top bloggers and Yelpers as well as politicians. For their sake, they better make sure they don’t snub the Deputy Secretary on Dry Toppings or the Assistant to the Commissioner on Parfait Regulation, or their kiwi processing bill is going to stall in committee, that’s for damn sure.