I didn’t say *bomb* squad…

Suspicious object found in Folsom field

I wasn’t aware that “bong” was commonly known enough to appear in a news article. There’s no euphemism for that? “Tobacco smoking device?” “Tobacco paraphernalia?” Do we not use euphemisms anymore?

The “bomb squad/bong squad” joke is pretty easy but I suppose you would have to call out the bomb techs. That thing could easily be an IED…the kind you put your weed in.



Fire crews quickly bogarted, err… isolated the object before identifying it.


The bomb squad is pretty overworked… They defuse two bombs in the morning, they defuse two bombs at night.


Just so you know, CoolDMZ, I’m tracking your pot references. So much so I had to go back and watch that SNL sketch again. Good stuff.

And props for not using emoticons.

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