I didn’t say *bomb* squad…

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Suspicious object found in Folsom field

I wasn’t aware that “bong” was commonly known enough to appear in a news article. There’s no euphemism for that? “Tobacco smoking device?” “Tobacco paraphernalia?” Do we not use euphemisms anymore?

The “bomb squad/bong squad” joke is pretty easy but I suppose you would have to call out the bomb techs. That thing could easily be an IED…the kind you put your weed in.

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4 Responses to I didn’t say *bomb* squad…

  1. cogmeyer says:

    Fire crews quickly bogarted, err… isolated the object before identifying it.

  2. CoolDMZ says:

    The bomb squad is pretty overworked… They defuse two bombs in the morning, they defuse two bombs at night.

  3. RonTopofIt says:

    Just so you know, CoolDMZ, I’m tracking your pot references. So much so I had to go back and watch that SNL sketch again. Good stuff.

    And props for not using emoticons.

  4. Stickie says:

    I was wondering where I left that!