“6 states” initiative could appear on ballot

20140715-073330-27210514.jpgThe group behind the batshit-insane proposal by venture capitalist Thomas Draper to divide California into 6 separate states has gathered enough signatures to appear on the ballot, according to this article. Sacto would be in “North California” which would run from the Sonoma coast to Lake Tahoe. For some reason Silicon Valley and Jefferson (pictured) would be the only ones without “California” in the name–including Los Angeles which would have the indignity of being called “West California.”

If the Secretary of State’s office approves the signatures, this initiative would be able to appear on the ballot in California in 2016 where real Californians, the kind who have in the past voted for <INSERT YOUR FAVORITE STUPID INITIATIVE HERE> would be able to really vote on it.

Beware Drano Bottle Bombs

From KPTV Fox 12 in Oregon

Apparently “Works Bombs,” a plastic bottle filled with Drano and tin foil which creates an explosive reaction, have been around for a while but was recently verified on Snopes, with several incidents reported recently.

The amount of force that is generated at the time of the explosion is enough to severe fingers and also deliver 2nd and 3rd degree chemical burns to the victim. The chemicals can possibly cause blindness and the toxic fumes can be harmful.

I am usually completely ignorant of these things, so I’m assuming that “TRUE” on Snopes.com is good enough verification. For some reason Mrs Cool and I felt this was something that we could see happening in Sacramento, though that’s just sort of a vibe more than anything; I can’t think of any recent incidents of this sort of Violent Mayhem.

Sac’s kids today

One of many fun outdoor things kids could be seen doing recently. Gold Rush Daze 1 by C.M. Keiner on Flickr

I know a few of us bloggers like to joke about how we are grumpy old men trapped in svelte, exquisitely toned younger men’s bodies. But I’d like us to take a moment to make fun of this awesome op-ed that takes it to a professional level. It’s a “Special to The Bee” from Bruce Maiman, a former radio show host living in Rocklin:

With Labor Day weekend behind us and the unofficial end of summer upon us, I’m reminded of something I rarely see anymore: kids playing outside. Have you noticed? Over the years, there’s less and less of it. Why?

Feel free to tell me your favorite part. I think my favorite is where he completely discounts skateboarding, a great outdoor activity, but cites playing with army guys as an example of acceptable “outdoor play.” Or maybe when he laments that kids here in Sacramento, on the West Coast of the United States, are rarely found bottling fireflies. Or when he blames the 24 hour news cycle for scaring parents into keeping their kids indoors, paragraphs after raising the specter of rising obesity as a scare tactic to get kids outside playing stickball.

McKinley Park Playground rebuild begins

from the City of Sacramento web site

The bad news over the weekend of an arsonist (allegedly) destroying the playground at McKinley park is giving way to hopeful news of fundraising already beginning on a replacement. City Council member Steve Cohn has established a charity fund, and Sac Press’s Melissa Corker has details on how you can help contribute. Continue reading “McKinley Park Playground rebuild begins”

Crazy River Cats fan leaves epic voicemail about Manny Ramirez’s hair

Sports blog Deadspin posted this awesome recording left by a disgruntled River Cats fan and “viewer of television” with some issues about Manny’s dreadlocks–namely that they are the harbingers of the apocalypse, responsible for everything wrong with society. She is extremely concerned about dreadlock-caused blindness, and thinks that mandated short hair would reduce the instances of performance enhancing drugs: “If they have to act clean-cut, maybe they will be clean-cut.” It’s long and she repeats herself several times, but it’s worth a listen.

I think this goes here.

McClatchy Library getting more space! (By getting rid of books)

Yeah, it doesn’t look like this anymore.

The Sacramento Public Library branches are all closed today for staff furloughs, which is tough when the hours are already pretty terrible. Trying to find a branch open near you after business hours is like trying to find swim trunks once Summer has already started (amirite?). Wednesday night, though, the family and I visited McClatchy Library, the only central city branch open past business hours on that day.

At the moment the branch looks less like a library and more like the house of a book-loving couple (with a really pretty house). The pleasantly (IMHO) cramped quarters are less cramped these days, because almost all the books are stored on wall shelves with only 2 freestanding shelves. We saw an excited young patron park her bike out back, stroll through the branch for about 10 seconds before storming out, muttering something like “Not even worth it!”. Continue reading “McClatchy Library getting more space! (By getting rid of books)”

Isleton’s tenuous grip on civilization

Isleton, CA’s tenuous grip on civilization

The Sac Bee front page article on Isleton’s problems and the man who’s been hired to clean them up would be hilarious if it was not so sad. Scratch that, it’s just plain hilarious:

“The police force no longer exists, again, and one of its five patrol cars is covered in spider webs behind City Hall because someone put sugar in the gas tank.” Continue reading “Isleton’s tenuous grip on civilization”

Concerts in the Park removing beer gardens?

Carla Meyer’s article in today’s Bee celebrating the start of this year’s Concerts in the Park program includes the detail that this year there will be no designated beer garden (“at least for the first performance,” she writes.)

I don’t have a knee-jerk overreaction to easing restrictions on “demon rum” or something, but I’m not sure this is a good idea. I haven’t been to CIP as much in recent years but it seems like the beer garden in Cesar Chavez gets pretty rowdy, am I wrong? I’m not talking about beer fans but about Sacto d-bags. Isn’t that going to hurt the family atmosphere? I personally wouldn’t take my kids somewhere that the general public was imbibing in beer garden quantities.

More importantly though, it seems like this will make it much more difficult to keep minors from getting in on the beer action. Sure, if you’re caught with liquor and no wristband you’re toast, but is there going to be enough security to scan the whole crowd. Seems like Cesar Chavez is the place to be for some underage drinking this summer!

Sacramento Parent goes glam

Sacramento Parent is one of those free advertorial magazines you see in places that moms tend to gather. Typically it features local parents, mostly moms, and articles of interest to families.

The cover of this month’s edition features “The Real Housewives of Sacramento” (2009 called, it wants its pop cultural reference back). The article itself is light on substance (the moms struggle with trying to do too much! Some random person that you don’t know turns out to be a gun lover!) but the cover photo is pretty barftastic:

Continue reading “Sacramento Parent goes glam”

How to solve our wire theft problem

I’m curious as to why so many commenters seem to get where the solution lies in this Sac Bee article about wire thieves wreaking darkness on Sacramento streetlights.

In response to the crime wave, the city has taken the unusual step of creating a Police Department task force dedicated solely to investigating metal theft. Since starting its work a few weeks ago, that team of officers has focused on investigating suspects with a history of metal thievery and identifying crime hot spots in the city where patrol officers are told to keep a careful watch. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office has also dedicated a prosecutor to metal- theft cases.

That’s great that actions are being taken to prevent or stop the theft, but doesn’t the real problem lie in the ability to easily recycle this stuff?

Am I over simplifying this? Missing the obvious? Let me know.