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  1. I hate to say it but your thoughts about sacramento are a bit off.
    I say this in the same way that parents talk about their children, Their to close to them to offer the real story.

    I understand you would love to have specifics, wouldn’t we all. Suffice to say that you need to live elsewhere (try a small town in the midwest) to offer credible and insightful comments.

    Sacramento is no where near a “Small Town” it’s strictly a “BIG TOWN” Big city if you will.

    With all the spoils and riches of a Big City.

    I hope this will help you in the future



  2. Who is this cw anyway, and what does he/she know? Sacramento may have some big city stuff (whew, 52 stories coming up soon?) but as a NATIVE I can tell you, don’t try to get away with much in this town. It’s got that old small-town quirk that says if you decide to have an intimate little lunch with someone somewhere you couldn’t possibly be seen at (for whatever reason, even an innocent one!), that will be the place where your aunt/cousin/coworker or somebody your aunt/cousin/coworker knows and who knows you or who you’re with, will walk into that place and there you’ll be.

    Those of us who have been here for many years (as many years as we’ve been alive) may have gone through the “San Francisco is the only place to live” phase when we were 18, but this is really the only place to be – both to enjoy, and to be snarky about.

    Hey, great site, by the way.


  3. I used to go on snark hunts while on camping trips to the backwoods of Roseville way back when I was a proud member of Boy Scout Troop 228 of Citrus Heights. Although the heights are a city now and Roseville has no open land to pitch a tent on, I appreciate the sentiment expressed here at the rag. Sac’s got a personality all its own and I’m glad to see someone’s finally expressing it other than Joan Didion. Keep up the good work folks.


  4. Fuck Joan Didion and her pretentious essays. I have a copy of “Where I Was From” and I’m taking it to Burning Man this year for one reason only. Some insightful thoughts about our city’s history but basically at the end (I did read it) she’s dying to get out. I love Sacramento! Rag on it if you will – I’ve been all over the world and the only other towns I like a little better are Chico and Austin.


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