CoolDMZ family witnessed Zoo lockdown!

You heard about the high speed chase that ended inside the Sacramento Zoo, as a trio of car thieves drove through the back gate of the zoo. Mrs Cool and the young’uns were on the scene! They were headed toward the giraffes, when suddenly it became clear something was wrong. Then they were herded into the gift shop by very helpful and quick-acting zoo employees, and spent several tense minutes inside on lockdown, waiting for it all to play out.

No photos — even if she had been able to snap them she says she probably would have refrained, as the kids were not exactly loving this. They didn’t see the perps, but they did see police storming the place. Plenty of folks in the gift shop were crowding near the windows (the dudes were not armed, but what if they had been?) snapping photos. That would have made a great photo — folks grabbing shots for the Facebook page while their kids cried in strollers.

My kids pointed out that “it had a happy ending,” and the oldest declared it “the coolest thing that has ever happened.”

J Greenberg joins us, performs at Luna’s Saturday

My friend and local TV producer J Greenberg is also a rock ‘n’ roll singer, and he is performing Saturday at Luna’s Cafe in a solo show. He opens for Family Bandits.

In addition, I am pleased to announce that J Greenberg will be joining us here at The Sac Rag as a contributor! He should provide a great dose of Midtown flavor and hopefully will be able to report on the music scene. Look for J’s take on our fair city starting soon.

Family Bandits, J Greenberg, Steve Yerkes
Luna’s Cafe and Juice Bar
8PM – $6

Your Raggers on Insight

Hello, readers. This is a hot infotainment alert that Sac-Eats and I will be raiding the public airwaves again to discuss the big fun that you, your family, your date, your friends, or any combination of the above can have at the California State Fair.

Please tune in to Insight on Capitol Public Radio, which you probably hear at 90.9 FM, on Monday, August 24th at 10:00 AM. We hope you will join us!

It’s Voting Time

votedIt’s that time of year again, Sacramentans. Time to vote for the Sacramento News & Review’s “Best of Sacramento.”

Now, in previous years, we at the ‘Rag have been more that solicitous in our asking for your vote for us for “Best Local Blog.” And we will be no less solicitous this year.  But, to start off the voting season, I thought I’d throw a few food and entertainment related ideas your way to prime the pump if you will. Feel free to follow your conscience when voting, as always, but if you’re stumped, these choices probably deserve it as much as anyone:

Best Comedy Club– Sacramento Comedy Spot

Best Bakery– Backer Back in Town & Country is turning out some of the best European breads in town, ditto for Grateful Bread on Fair Oaks Blvd

Best Barbecue– Anything but Texas West. I vote for Big Joe’s BBQ in Citrus Heights Continue reading “It’s Voting Time”