Happy Friday the 13th!

I’ve lived in a variety of cities in North America. Having been in Sacramento now for well over a year, I ask you: How useless are Sacramento’s traffic reports?

During a recent SacRag summit meeting in our favorite place, RonTopofIt and I were discussing the pointless inclusion of traffic reports in radio and TV news shows – the latter of which is even more useless if, like me, you don’t have a TV in your car (which begs the question – how useless can something get?).

My commute into work is from the south side (youandIknowitsthebestside, yo) via Highway 99 to midtown from Elk Grove (herein and forever more known as “The Grove”). If traffic reporters on the radio aren’t restating the obvious (“it’s rush hour, traffic is slow”), they don’t tell you about traffic events until well after they’ve occured, or simply don’t report on your highway at all.

Like today, for example. Radio traffic reports completely ignored Highway 99 this morning. Meanwhile, I was stuck in an inexplicable 30 mile-per-hour traffic crawl from Laguna Blvd. to Florin. When I got to Florin after 45 minutes, traffic began moving again.

Wouldn’t you know it? Just as I got to Florin, the traffic dude on the radio reported that a truck had “just” overturned on Florin and that traffic was now starting to back up.

But, there was nothing at Florin when I got there. The accident had already been cleared, and the traffic reporters had probably missed this accident by almost an hour.

Why do you mess with me, trafficreporterperson? What joy do you get in making The Grovites late for work?

This is all some kind of conspiracy, isn’t it – to keep the south side (did I mention that youandIknowitsthebestside?) down. I’m going to just tune in to smooth jazz from now on.

I don’t need your mind control.

One thought on “Happy Friday the 13th!”

  1. i swear, child … you are just too much.

    i’m glad you’re posting here now. at least, i can read your writing more often now. it’s good for you to write … keep at it, yaar.



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