Could Sac have a hate crime problem?

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Two elderly Sikhs shot in suburban Sacramento

Shocking news has come out of Elk Grove, California (a suburb of Sacramento), where two elderly Sikh men were shot on the street while out on an afternoon walk:

Surinder Singh's widow, Amarjit Kaur, second from left, is comforted by friends and family Saturday at her Elk Grove home. (
Surinder Singh's widow, Amarjit Kaur, second from left, is comforted by friends and family Saturday at her Elk Grove home. (

Police said Saturday that they don’t know why someone gunned down two men – frail from heart attacks and advancing years – as they slowly ambled through a quiet Elk Grove neighborhood during their daily afternoon walk.

Surinder Singh, 67, died Friday afternoon on the sidewalk along East Stockton Boulevard near Geneva Pointe Drive. Gurmej Atwal, his 78-year-old friend, was shot twice in the chest. His family said he was in critical but stable condition.

The police have not identified suspects nor a motive, but have not ruled out that this was a hate crime.

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In these tough economic times, be thankful for tough economic times

The Sac Bee reports on a rare benefit in this down economy:

While Sacramento commuters spend on average 24 hours a year stuck in traffic, that’s better than in most urban areas, and it’s a smoother commute than drivers here have had since 1993, a new report shows…

Commute-period congestion peaked in Sacramento in 2005 and 2006 at 35 congested hours per year on average, then tailed off as the recession hit, according to a report published today by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University.

With the economy tanking, we were able to get rid of a lot of the trafficularsclerosis clogging up our arteries:

Furloughs, layoffs, lack of construction, and fewer delivery trucks on the road are key contributors to more free-flowing commutes, local officials said.

I don’t know about you, but I blame Obama.

Crash tax grab

On this here web log, we have long documented the unique ability of greater Sacramentans to DIY their own garages, often into unsuspecting stationary structures that happened to be built at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Leave it to the gubment to find a way to make this a revenue stream:

Sacramento is the latest city to be considering what many call, a “crash tax.” It’s a product of the recession. More and more fire departments are charging out-of-town drivers for cleaning up car crashes.

Note the “out-of-town”. If you live here, you’re still good.

Oh, this isn’t a product of local drivers smashing into local buildings. Let’s not target the innocent, now, and actually try to prevent the behavior. This is about our “tough economic times”:

“We’re not reinventing the wheel, ” said Captain Jonathan Burgess with the Sacramento City Fire Department. “It’s already being done so we are following suit, with the economic climate we may see a lot of departments going this way.”

The Sacramento City Fire Department responds to about 3,600 car accidents a year and charging non-residents a response fee ranging from $400 to $2,200 dollars could bring in a million dollars a year.

“Half the people here are probably non-residents, that’s a lot of money,” said Sacramento resident, Nick Burruel.

Re-inventing the wheel might actually help here. Not only would a potentially re-invented wheel help drivers not crash and reduce the number of such crashes, it would in turn reduce the tax windfall from —

Never mind.

2010 Forecast: Heavy (!) traffic in Rancho Cordova’s drive-thrus

Getting too big for its boundaries
If you’re a sacrilegious, unemployed heathen who happens to be in Rancho Cordova at any point in time, please disregard this post.

As reported by the Sac Bee, the mayor of Rancho Cordova has big plans for the fair-sized denizens of his city:

Rancho Cordova’s “Great Health Challenge,” planned for announcement at tonight’s City Council meeting, calls for members of the community to drop a combined 40,000 pounds – 20 tons – over the next 10 months.

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Be on the lookout, or not

Citizens of the Sacragosphere:

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Tell me have you seen her, er, him?

Police are requesting your help! Authorities are looking for the person, place or thing that may or may not have robbed what could have been a bank somewhere within our area. Witnesses say they saw what could have been something. Be on the look out for a man or woman, with blonde hair or maybe a wig, wearing a black jacket and pink dress unless they are wearing something different today.

Be vigilant, if you wish.

Sac Rag News. We report. You figure it out.

Our name is Sacramento, and we have a problem.

When I first moved to these fair parts several years ago, one of the things I took note of was the casual attitude where DUI was concerned. People here don’t take drinking and driving very seriously compared to where I’ve lived before. It’s so commonly done and accepted that I’ve seen off duty cops do it (and even a certain coach of your Sacramento Kings). I’ve had difficulty understanding how unconcerned people here are with impaired driving and the risks that come with it.

It’s no surprise our region is rife with buildings crashing into our moving vehicles.

I felt some vindication about my feelings on this issue when I came across Marcus Breton’s article in Bee today:

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Spare me the labor

Labor Day is one of the few holidays I can think of where you celebrate something by not doing it.

Rancho Murieta Online has a few suggestions on things to do on this upcoming Labor Day weekend, in case you were becoming overwhelmed with all the options for the holiday.

In case you would like to spend Labor Day by walking down streets and randomly explaining the history of Labor Day to passers by, check out the Department of Labor website on this very topic. If you could do this in a mailman’s uniform sitting at a bar, you’d be my hero. Cheers.