Cheery Sacramento Drivers

Having lived in Boston and Los Angeles I’ve spent plenty of time in traffic jams. And I can say with certainty that what happened to me the other day was a unique Sacramento moment. I was sitting in the parking lot-style traffic jam of downtown at lunchtime when I noticed that the car in front of me had a purse sitting on top of the driver’s side. It was obvious to me and everyone around me that the driver had pulled out her keys and left it there. And it was also obvious that when she finally made her way out of traffic she would get going fast enough to lose everything in it. After my attempts to get her attention by honking, flashing my lights, yelling out the window and doing all three at once failed I put my car in park, got out and knocked on her window, handing her the purse. She looked slightly terrified but I don’t blame her. Anyway, I expected that on my dash back to the driver’s seat I would get some honks and maybe the dreaded bird (which for some reason really hurts me personally) but NO – not in Sacramento. At least six drivers rolled down their car windows and clapped for me, and a few were actually cheering things like “good save” and “way to go.” I felt like Rocky and Shirley Temple combined (emotionally, not physically – that would be disastrous). So thank you, Sacramentans, for the spontaneous affirmation. You may not be the safest drivers (see posting below) but you are probably the friendliest!

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