Mama Needs A Hoagie.

Yeah, it’s 9:45 a.m. and I’m already thinking about where I can get a true Italian hoagie this far from Philadelphia, but back off: I’m pregnant.  Just be glad you missed yesterday’s frantic run to Starbucks for a combination donut, veggie tray and coffee breakfast.  Anyway there are fake hoagies and then there are the right ones, the ones I haven’t been able to find in California.  Who can point me in the direction of the best hoagie Sacramento has to offer? I’m looking at you, SacEats.

I Dare You To Be Snarky

I can’t be the only one who thinks of recording family interviews for posterity but is too lazy to follow through on it.  If you’re like me, the super cool StoryCorps Airstream trailer might be just the thing.  It’s part of a national project (in conjunction with NPR) to encourage recordation of family memories, and it’s in Sacramento until May 10.  You simply make a reservation, show up with your loved one, and record an interview.  The suggested donation is $10.  Maybe I’ve lost my edge but I just can’t think of anything sassy to say about this wonderful idea.  Possibly an early Mother’s Day present? An awesome way to propose? Has anyone tried this yet?

This forced me to spell-check “Synthesizer.”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a tiny band of synthesizer-playing women in Renaissance-themed costumes and drum-kit playing men in white suits crawled out of the speakers at the mall and began to play jazzy versions of Handel’s Messiah, inspiring middle-aged women to compliment one another on their Christmas sweaters? Or are you more the type to wonder what it would be like if Thomas Kinkaide’s artwork went through the video toaster before being projected at a stadium concert? If you’ve ever had these questions, or if you simply enjoy wizardry, Gaelic spellings (e.g. “Faeries”) and being more relaxed than you ever thought you could be in a huge sports stadium, I strongly recommend seeing Mannheim Steamroller next year at Arco Arena.  We went last night.  I don’t think I need to say much more except there is really very little I won’t do to please my in-laws.

How Does This Bode for Sacramento?

Now that I can hyperlink I can bring your attention to an interesting article on the economic prosperity of family-friendly cities on today’s WSJ opinion page.  Note the dis on SF and the promise that those of us girls with college degrees have a 75% chance of getting married. There’s lots of funny things that could be said but still, it’s an interesting story.