King and Queen of River City news call it quits

The local version of Maury and Connie, KCRA’s Dave Walker and Lois Hart are stepping down from the 11 p.m. news later this year. Dave and Lois are definitely my favorite local broadcasting team (can you say, If you don’t like that, you don’t like local sports radio idiots?) and will be sorely missed in the CoolDMZ household, where the flirtatious “active adult” couple was a heartwarming part of the nightly local news gathering ritual. Although at their age, it was pretty obvious that most nights they needed to be in bed by 11.

They will be replaced at 11 by Edie Lambert and John Alston, who are competent newspeople but will have the chemistry of a pair of candlesticks. What good is hokey local news (lokey news? hokal news?) without a cute old married couple telling you about the Asparagus Festival?

Author: CoolDMZ

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One thought on “King and Queen of River City news call it quits”

  1. my husband and have ALWAYS enjoyed the eleven o’clock news with dave ans lois. whoever the smartass is who made the remark that dave and lois are too old and should be in bed. I hope that he or she gets theirs in spades when they booted from their job.

    as she eddie lambert she is an ugly joke with no personality. and her sidekick isn’t any better.

    will be switching to another channel for our news.


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