KCRA: “Bullying is a choice”

What choice did he have?

Let me start by saying I don’t think bullying is funny. But let me continue by saying that I think KCRA’s new “Bullying is a choice” campaign is hilarious.

Bullying, it’s not a one size fits all problem and there are no easy solutions. But it’s a problem that can no longer be ignored.

There’s no one correct stance, according to KCRA, but I’m supposed to “take a pledge” against it. And the silly word choice doesn’t end there. The page is titled “Bullying Resources, Education.” Is this offering tips on how to get full wetness with your swirlies? Maps to find groups of people playing Magic: The Gathering? Shouldn’t someone have suggested that it should say Anti-Bullying Resources? Continue reading “KCRA: “Bullying is a choice””

Adrienne welcomes latest KCRA weather person, mentions what we’re all thinking

KCRA’s Adrienne Bankert welcomes the newest member of the weather team, Tamera Berg. Toward the end of the clip she mentions what everyone is thinking

Let’s just hope Tamera fares better in the online search creepos department.

As RonTopOfIt put it, you gotta love being the person who gets a start on Sacramento weather forecasting in early December… “Morning fog, highs in the 50s” can get you through your first month, at least!

Mayor Johnson leads by example

You civic-minded readers may be able to help me understand this story about Mayor Johnson’s new ride. Here are a few quotes that do not make sense to me…

To pay for it, the city of Sacramento used funding initially scheduled to replace two police vehicles; an aging Ford Expedition and a forklift used at the police department’s property division. “So it’s basically cost-neutral,” Johnson said.

You know, basically. More or less. About. As far as you know.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson’s got a new car — a jet-black sport utility vehicle with tinted windows, a hybrid engine and a satellite television dish on its roof.

Wow, that sounds like a sweet rig. How on earth did he find the money in these tough economic times to purchase such a luxury item?

The mayor’s office said no taxpayer dollars were used to purchase the onboard television system.

Ah, I see. Same goes for the CD holder and clip-on air freshener?

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An Outbreak of Honesty?

I was catching up on the news today when came across this story about two Safeway stores going unlocked on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Police said when they showed up at 3:30 p.m. Friday they found that people had been taking items and leaving money at the registers.

Sounds like an opportunity to dust off the old Sac Rag “Right Awn” right? Not if you read the comments. Ah, the comments…

“This is why I LOVE ROSEVILLE! We are hard-working, trust-worthy people. You would never read a story like this (the honest people part) happening in Sacramento or most other cities.”

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Tales from the Octagon

You need somebody watching your back at all times.
You need somebody watching your back at all times.
For those that were not treated to this little gem in Roseville on Thursday night, please to enjoy (INTERESTING TIDBIT: This story was brought to News10’s attention by an anonymous tip from a viewer).

Patrons inside a Roseville Taco Bell got much more than they bargained for Thursday night when a karate instructor walked inside and tried to place one of his employees under citizen’s arrest…”I walked in the front door and I said Riley Lockett, I said you’re under arrest for theiving from me, right now, citizen’s arrest, right now,” Marinoble said.

Boy, sounds like a real tussle. The story continues to get curiouser…

“I did do something really dumb. I went in there and I was stealing money from him because I wasn’t making enough money to pay for my speeding tickets,” Lockett said.

Well, why didn’t you say so? We all know those dang speeding tickets can get pricey. Especially when you’re 17! Man.

As witnessed by the comments at News10.net, folks are split on this one. It is a tough call.

What do you think? Should Marinoble have called the police and asked for their assistance in apprehending this youngster? What should happen to the teen? He did confess to the crime and was caught on video.

KCRA news van burglary highlights growing trend of crime against KCRA

March for Marriage Equality - Sacramento
Creative Commons License photo credit: Annie&John

Normally I wouldn’t joke about the break-in of an unmarked KCRA news van earlier this month. But in this otherwise positive report about homicides being down 42% since 2008, KCRA references the burglary of its van to tie the incident to crime trends that “depen[d] on the neighborhood.” Did the crooks actually steal the vehicle, leaving KCRA able only to report on news that happens at KCRA?

I’m kidding, of course. The vehicle break-in happened in Natomas which today’s report points out is experiencing a major increase in vehicle burglaries.

Disturbing headlines of the day

Awful slideshow: Images In Baby Dismemberment CaseIn the “Most Viewed Slideshows” section on KCRA.com at the moment: Children Found Alive In Trash Bin and Images In Baby Dismemberment Case. I hate to sound so preachy, but what the fuck is wrong with you people??? (Not you people, of course.)

I don’t really mean that. I understand the “rubbernecking” tendency that is burned into human nature. But isn’t there also an “avoidance of deep mental disturbance” tendency also? How does this stuff even get made into slideshows, anyway? Are those things auto generated or what? Wouldn’t somebody somewhere have to decide Yes this makes a good slideshow to push out to the Hearst TV affiliate sites (guessing there on how it works).

Danny Pommells has left KCRA

Danny PommelsI actually learned this first from the scoreboard at Raley Field yesterday: it appears Danny Pommells’ contract was not renewed at KCRA and he has left the station’s sports department. Del Rogers is going to be a one-man show at KCRA.

UPDATE: I want to be clear that from what I have heard, the reason Pommells’ contract was not picked up is that KCRA is reducing its sports staff. Del Rogers, you may want to hook up with RunnerGirl at some point before your contract is up…

News10 still has Bryan and Ryan, and of course Jim Crandell still handles things at Fox40. But after CBS13 let Arran Anderson go a few weeks ago the sports scene is looking worse than ever here in Sacramento.

“1st-Grader Threatens To Shoot Classmate”

green gun
not this kid… or WAS IT???

KCRA reports:

A first-grader at a Sacramento school threatened to shoot a classmate over an argument, police said.

Authorities were called to Caroline Wenzel Elementary School at 6870 Greenhaven Drive at 11:45 a.m. Monday to assist school officials with an investigation, Officer Norm Leong said.

The 6-year-old’s father was contacted and advised of the threat. No arrests were made.

Investigation? No arrests made? You don’t say. I’m glad the principal, Judy Montgomery/Philip Moore according to SCUSD’s website, didn’t decide to go off book and handle this themselves. If this was my kid, I would be so livid that I would probably forget to scold him for being such a dingbat. Is that really the district’s policy when it comes to these things?

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