Housing Boom or Bust or Boom?

As we say at The Rag, “if you live here, you’ll know,” and nowhere is that phrase more appropriate than when discussing the housing market in Sacramento. Whether you are on the outside looking in or sitting pretty in a 4 walled gold mine, you will certainly appreciate this little gem from our friends at the Bee. Just browse the article names mentioned on the right column (they seem to be dynamically generated and therefore may not appear after publishing). “House market in flux” – “‘For sale’ signs are increasing” – “Housing boom slows” – “Realtors see solid housing market”…whiskey tango foxtrot?

As long as we are on the topic check out the Capital region home sales by zip code and tell me you’re not a bit surprised. Specifically, the median price paid per square foot. Not bad for a cow town, huh?

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