Honey, Stop the Car! The Ugliest House in Sacramento is for Sale

We’ve talked about this particular house before, right on the corner of La Sierra and Arden, tricked out with lights that look like severed heads from the Statue of Liberty, and adorned with enough bling to make a 17th century French noble blush. Well, it’s on the market.

In what is probably a wildly optimistic listing, the realtor has stated:

Honey, stop the car! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to purchase the crown jewel of Arden Park! Absolutely no expense was spared in this spectacular 5 bedroom 4 bath 4400+ sq ft home which also includes a 2 bedroom 1 bath 850+ sq ft guest home, totaling almost 5,300 sq ft. Check the comps, this is a tremendous value and similar homes in this zip code are priced far higher and do not offer this level of quality. Bring your pickiest buyers quickly, this home will not last!

At over $1 million, I think that this house might last. Have you seen any similarly tricked out mcmansions in your neighborhood?

Sign of the times

My wife snapped this in East Sac today across from McKinley Park. Is this a custom sign by Realtor Mike Heede or are these popping up elsewhere these days?

For some reason it always rubs me the wrong way when people I don’t know command me to vote. I don’t think it is anything to do with the act of voting being a personal thing between me and my voting booth, I think it is just a personal aversion to Anybody telling me to Do Anything.

More on the Corti move

CoolDMZ wouldn’t be earning CoolDMZ’s pay if CoolDMZ wasn’t a contrarian on the Corti Brothers situation. I’m having trouble mustering a lot of sympathy for the Cortis after reading the Bee’s follow-up story today. I suppose I liked Corti Bros as much as the next guy, though my patronage of things that can be described as “upscale” is seldom to never. (Unless Nordstrom Rack counts as upscale?)

I’m not shocked that Heather Fargo called Darrell Corti and offered the city’s help in finding a new location. Would that help entail explaining how a month to month lease works? All I keep reading is that Corti fans will go wherever he decides to move, even if it is out of town. I hope there are some patrons who are be pissed that a 60 year old company allowed themselves to operate on a wing and a prayer for 20 years despite knowing how loyal their fans were. What if you live down the street, have been shopping there since 1970, and can’t drive?

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For Sale – 1025 37th St – $350k!!

1025 37th StI know this is sort of an out of character post for this here blog, but occasionally when specific homes that I have always admired go on the market I think it warrants a posting. There are certain homes in town that I have just always wanted to live in. You know, while the people who own it are on vacation. Just kidding! I’m also hoping that merely being mentioned by CoolDMZ will help move some inventory and get the market back on track. 🙂

This house, 1025 37th Street is right behind the parking lot of the Subway on 37th and Jay streets. When I was a kid I always thought that porch was pretty gnarly (that’s what we said back then), and I loved the idea of living next door to Winchell’s (which formerly occupied the Subway space). It has always been on Mrs Cool’s and my short list of dream homes. I cannot believe it is on the market for $350k, that seems like a total steal, even though it is adjacent to the parking lot of a liquor store. Somebody snatch it up! And then have me over for a sittin’ party on that wraparound porch. Did I mention it is right near a Peet’s?

“Parrot” something? Something “Bay” or something?


What was the name of that bar that was on Fair Oaks Boulevard near Cadillac Drive in the early ’90s?  It got demolished in the late ’90s and became a Smith Barney building, and I believe it’s where Lord Beaverbrooks used to be.

The sign out front had a parrot on it.  I only went there once when I first moved to Sacramento, but it came up in conversation last night, and I’ve been flipping through the rolodex in my brain trying to remember what it was called.

“Boon Boon,” coming soon soon

The thread about lack of good restaurants in Tahoe Park and our ongoing meme of “dead zones” — not to be confused with dead-to-me zones–reminded me of the dead zone that is the seeming former art deco theater building on Stockton and Broadway behind Subway, which just in the last few years has been home to 3 or 4 eating establishments that never saw the light of day. The current business hoping to reverse that trend is going to be called “Boon Boon.” I’ll let you read that name and think about it for a second. Ready? On the count of 10, what comes to mind?

Boom boom, right? Like, “I ate at that new Vietnamese restaurant on Broadway and twenty minutes later I had to make boom boom like rilly bad.”

However, in the interest of the Stockton corridor and good eateries for the greater Tahoe Park area I vow to try Boon Boon at least once. Assuming it does in fact not go the way of Po Boys, Quotes Bistro, and all the other failed restaurants that came before it…