Gotta get them skeeters, eh?

With all this talk of Sacramento’s mosquito killers, it’s interesting to note some similarities in how people were warned about mass spraying of pesticides to combat WNV in other jurisdictions.

In Canada, there’s a fight brewing in the province of Manitoba, where local citizens also were given very little warning about the spraying of Malathion (another mosquitocide) over residential neighborhoods (or as we say in Canada, nehbourhoods). While doctors up north have voiced their concerns, the push for large scale fogging is continuing.

It seems the modus operandi of “vector control” people is to give citizens little warning before spraying their property, pets and plants with bug poison.

Ah, the perils of democracy.

3 thoughts on “Gotta get them skeeters, eh?”

  1. One of the Fox 40 broadcasts I watched was completely unsuccessful in downplaying the possible dangers of The Fog. They reported that The Fog was no more harmful than pesticides you would spray around your house or garden. Whoa. Don’t worry, Sacramento, we’re just conducting tactical bombings with giant cans of Raid.


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