Excuse me, “un-Folsom-like”?

The Sac Bee reports on an interesting story today about the construction of a mosque in Folsom.

Notwithstanding the pathetic prejudice that is just dripping from the critics of the mosque, I loved this comment:

The proposed mosque’s Islamic design – an architectural departure for Folsom – has prompted another common gripe: that the mosque just won’t fit in, that it will be “un-Folsom-like.”

Geewillakers, whatever does that mean? Would you feel better if they built a mosque that looked like a strip mall, or a wholesale style mosque with gas stations and 5lb mayonaisse jars?

Folsom’s Planning Commission felt the same way:

“An LDS temple has a large spire, a Catholic church has a large cross and a mosque has a minaret.” [Commission Chair] Eldridge said. “I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect that a Mormon temple or a Catholic church or an Islamic mosque look like a Safeway.”

Big ups to Folsom’s mayor and city officials, for being impartial and standing by their decision to approve the design.

2 thoughts on “Excuse me, “un-Folsom-like”?”

  1. What if it’s the Alhambra Safeway? that thing has clearly offensive Islamic architectural overtones. I mean it’s called the Alhambra, come on!


  2. Not being built by John Laing?? No CC&R approved stucco colors? No Mello Roos? Bright colors?? People want to practice their religion in a traditional mosque? How could they??
    It might actually be the first building you remember after your “neutral” Folsom visit.


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