“You in Line” at Tortillas?

My encounter at the fine taqueria Tortillas (unfortunate name, but great burritos. It would be like a burger place called “Buns” or, I suppose, an Italian restaurant named “Tomatoes”) tonight with the fam’ was vintage Sacramento. To get there on a workday for early dinner you have to brave the Northbound Howe Ave. rush hour traffic, which is no picnic, but man that pork burrito is worth it. We roll into the joint and are the only ones in line. Now, a family of four basically either has to eat PB&J at home or designate one parent to order food for the group in order to acquire a meal with no fuss, so as I’m standing in line with the baby in her carrier, my wife is taking the toddler (2 1/2 y.o.) to the restroom, I’m conferring with her on what those two ladies would like to eat.

Literally in the middle of that sentence, while I’m standing maybe 3 feet from the cash counter, in busts this very typical Sacramento woman. She gives me the “you in line?” but with that voice that’s maybe twice as loud as it needs to be. “Uh, go ahead” I grumble, and she barges past me and proceeds to order a takeout order for 2 or 3 in that same voice.

As she’s paying, she starts telling the guy about how her ATM got stolen and the crooks spent $800 in the span of an afternoon. She’s real concerned with relating that amount, $800, and that it was spent very quickly. She actually gave the guy a breakdown of what the crooks spent it on–cash, gasoline, and shoes. Keep in mind, I’m standing there with a 16lb baby over the crook of my arm, which all the daddies in the hizzo can attest, is not bad because it’s just a teeny baby but still, that arm’ll go limp on ya after too long. Soon her transaction is over, but oh no, her ATM theft story is not. Now she’s finishing the story, while I am waiting to order. And of course, that same loud voice. You can all picture her.

I’ve got no “jerk store” comment to wrap up this story, but I will tell you that the pork burrito was delicious as always, and the nuclear green salsa is not to be missed. Oh, and what’s the deal, it’s like freezing out there.

Author: CoolDMZ

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4 thoughts on ““You in Line” at Tortillas?”

  1. What exactly makes this a ‘vintage Sacramento’ outing or this woman a typical Sacramento women? Are you under the impression that there aren’t any assholes in the rest of the world?


  2. I know we’re doing what we set out to do when our commenters bring more snark than we do ourselves. Daaaaamn!


  3. Tortillas is now closed, at least the one on Howe next to Guzzetta & Co. Fine Jewelers. Tortillas had been keeping irregular hours of late, and I noticed earlier that their sign is gone, and there’s a “for lease” Colliers sign in the front window. Too bad — they had a great grilled fish & veggie burrito.


  4. That’s too bad, I was a huge fan of their chicken tacos. And their salsa bar was scrumptuous.


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