La Favorita name change?

Ahora es más machista.

The La Favorita near my home was recently re-christened, and today I noticed that the La Favorita near my workplace has undergone gender reassignment surgery to become El Favorito. They still have the same font on the signs but perhaps that’s just because that font just really says taco. (Can’t think of the font name. Who’s that one commenter who is a typog nerd?)

I haven’t been to either location in a while… does anybody know what is going on? Are they just trying some different names? Did they have to sell off some of those stores?

More about common decency

Whatever happened to common decency?
Whatever happened to common decency?

I had lunch at Mezcal Taqueria today on West El Camino near Truxel Road. It wasn’t bad (Hey, Taco De Sacto, can we search your site to see if you’ve reviewed a restaurant already?) and I would go back again. What was bad, though, was the mixed messages in the restroom.

As I walked in I noticed a sign indicating that workers are required to wash their hands before returning to work. You know the sign, we’ve all seen it. However this one had a little twist…

“Common Decency and the State Law Health and Safety Code Require That You Wash Your Hands Before Leaving This Room to Resume Work”

Perfect for, huh?

Whatever happened to
common anything?

My lesson in common decency continued when I noticed this sign advertising a taxi company (it’s a horrible camera phone shot, I know) having to do with a girl that is unattractive at 10:00 p.m. but more desirable throughout the night until it is time to call a taxi, or something, I’m not quite sure. Has anyone else seen it? So odd.

La Fiesta Reopens!

Track lighting illuminates the goodness of La Fiesta.  Are those AC thermostats I see?
Are those AC thermostats I see?
As commenter Junior reminded us today, one of our favorite Taquerías reopened its doors yesterday after becoming of a victim of an everyday occurrence here in Sacramento.

Just as we were there when they first opened their doors, SinghCity and I enjoyed our favorite burrito today in the renovated digs. You’ll be happy to know the menu has been upgraded, the ceiling fans seem to be new, AND they have what appears to be thermostats that may or may not control the conditioning of air (see photo)! You summer patrons will surely appreciate that one.

While we enjoyed the taquería down the street, we are really glad to have The Party back within walking distance.

New favorite blog: Perfecto Taco de Sacto

taco taco taco
Creative Commons License credit: katypang

I just discovered my new favorite blog via Urbanspoon: Perfecto Taco de Sacto

We’re just two hungry kids on the lookout for Sacramento’s best taco. Soft or crunchy, flour or corn, pollo, asada or carnitas: if they’re tacos we’ll try ’em.

The hungry kids in question, Pablo and Tara, have hit up dozens of restaurants in the area. While I’m more of a burrito man myself, their chercher d’taco is a quest I can get behind.

Hey, that’s not funny

When our beloved Peet’s at Lyon Village took a car through the window earlier this year we took our medicine. Accidents happen, right? However, anyone that has been to that location and has seen where the car entered the store may wonder HOW exactly it happened, but I digress. It’s been repaired, no one was injured. Press on.

Well, Sacramento, it’s time to officially send out a “WTF!” now that our favorite burro spot, La Fiesta Taqueria, has taken one on the chin.

Surveillance video from inside the business shows two customers exiting the building through the front door less than five seconds before the car slammed through it from the opposite direction. The car ended up completely inside the building, coming to rest after hitting the counter near the cash register …
The La Fiesta Taqueria boarded up the new hole in the building Sunday evening and will remain closed for about 10 days.

People suck.

Centro’s 15th Anniversary Fiesta

Try some fine tequila from El Tesoro at Centro
Try some fine tequila from El Tesoro at Centro's 15th Anniversary
After attending the Midtown Community Festival, wander over to Centro for their 15th anniversary extravaganza! Centro is Midtown’s premiere tequila bar, with more than 150 selections, most of which are 100% agave. In case you are wondering, tequila that is not 100% agave is not suitable for human consumption, regardless of the numerous attempts to do so that regularly occur across America. For tequila neophytes, try a flight of a single brand’s three most common styles, their plata, reposado and anejo, to learn the differences between them. I recommend Chinaco or El Tesoro. One authentic touch that I appreciate at Centro is the option to sip a fine tequila with a handmade sangrita, a mix of tomato, orange and lime juices with spices. Delicioso. The back parking lot will feature live music, DJs, an art show, a tequila making demonstration, and outdoor bartenders shaking up margaritas made from fresh juice and natural sweeteners, not crappy mixes or sweet and sour.

Oh, yeah, the food is pretty damn good, too.

SN&R “on” best burritos

kitty burrito
kitty burrito

Just in time for this week’s News & Review, I’d like to react to last week’s cover piece on burritos written by Ben Russell. Russell really seems to know how to turn a phrase, and the piece is actually incredibly informative. For example it confirmed my preference for Guerrero’s tortillas as the best tortillas at your local supermarket (or your massive soulless food chain, whatever your preference), and it taught me that the word for people from the state of Jalisco in Mexico is Jaliscenes.

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Two date night dinners

Our 7th (!) wedding anniversary was yesterday, and we made a weekend of it by celebrating with dinner out on Friday. Now since we have three little kids we don’t exactly eat out often, so when we do we run into that age-old diner’s dilemma: stick with a restaurant you know and love, or take a chance on something new. With the usual, you are very likely to be pleased, and with something new, you can only rely on word of mouth (or word of Yelp) recommendations. And there’s no accounting for taste, especially with the more adventurous kinds of food. We usually err on the side of the classic you know and love. It’s not that we’re not adventurous eaters–not Anthody Bourdain rancid shark, pig anus adventurous, but we can step out of our comfort zone when it seems like a winner.

This year we opted for a favorite we hadn’t visited in a while: Three Sisters.

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