Saturday Night Hotel Happenings

While you may not normally think of a pseudo-seedy chain hotel as a hot spot for cutting edge entertainment, the Clarion on Auburn and Fulton offers some fairly interesting shows every now and then. Saturday night I’m going to be checking out the Free Hooch Comedy Troupe there. They’re promising a whole new show with totally new material, and have even released excerpts from one of their upcoming sketches called Bush vs. Nature:

BUSH: So, in response to this horrible catastrophe, we will be officially declaring war on the terrorist “Mother Nature” and all choose to support her.
REPORTER: Excuse me Mr. Bush, but do we know who is in league with Mother Nature?
BUSH: Yes we do, and to aide our agents in the field, we have created a novelty deck of playing cards listing the names and faces of our gravest enemies. Besides our Ace of Hearts, Mother Nature, we have the Ace of Clubs, Jack Hannah, Ace of Spades, Swamp Thing and the Ace of Diamonds, Captain Planet.

Anyway, check out their website for more info, show starts at 8PM. You’ll definitely see me there.

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