To Label Me Is to Negate Me… From Standing, Sitting, Walking…

Came across this blog today that I feel may pique a few of our reader’s interest.

Some lowlights include:

  • …preventing labeled gang members from “standing, sitting, walking, driving, gathering or appearing, anywhere in public view or any place accessible to the public”
  • …most criminal activity involving graffiti, possession or sale of drugs and weapons, vandalism, assault and theft involving nonwhite assailants are labeled as gang-related.
  • Q: The method of documenting gang members appears to involve two entities: a beat officer that meets the suspect in the field and fills out a yellow gang suspect card, and Officer Joe Villanueva who inspects the card and decides whether or not to list the individual as a gang member. Is there another possible way to document gang members that involves another agency or part of the community in order to decrease the chance of a bias decision?
    A: That sounds great in theory, but it just isn’t practical (WSPD Chief Drummond).
  • Comments?

    UPDATE: or not. I guess we can scratch Arbitrary Gang Profiling off SinghCity’s list.

    Author: RonTopofIt

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