Elk Grove Gut Bomb

I don’t know anyone who lives in Elk Grove, so I don’t know who to tell about my latest eating experience. If you know someone in Elk Grove, tell them to go and sup full at Todo un Poco. First of all, the atmosphere is cute and dark and candle lit and does not at all suggest the stucco stripmall in which it actually resides. The service was efficient and polite and the portions make Claim Jumper look like a haven for anorexics. My pasta putanesca, (literally translated (no kidding) whore’s pasta)), was fantastic, with slow roasted meats and plenty of veggies in the hearty sauce. My beautiful companion went for a salmon dish with great flavors and a beautiful presentation.

The hallmark of Todo un Poco though, was its bread.

When I read on a menu that a meal is served with bread, I assume that I get a roll or a piece of bread or a bread stick of some sort. What you receive at Todo un Poco though is a brick of deep fried doughy goodness that could easily be a midway hit at the state fair. After inquiries, our server said it was foccacia, but it was unlike any foccacia I’d ever had. It was like some unnatural combination of foccacia and donuts, some deep-fried hybrid that will clog your arteries, make you shit hot lava for a week and leave your fingers smelling like grease for days, but tastes so goddamned good and fried and doughy going down that you won’t care a lick. And, to top it off, they sprinkle cheese on it. I’m not kidding, f’ing cheese. Cheese that’s melted and crusty and crunchy and oily and delicious. This stuff could take down a damn Twinkie factory in a knife fight. It’s been several days since I’ve been there and I’m still not hungry. I’ve been wandering around in some deep-fried daze for the last 48 hours, just hoping my anus will shut down and right eye will stop twitching.

So look, it you’ve got anyone you know in Elk Grove, tell them to check out Todo un Poco. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from them for a few days.

Todo un Poco
9080 Laguna Main St, Elk Grove
Food ***1/2 Service **** Atmosphere ***

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