Attention Local Ipod Users

Interesting term I learned the other day: reticular indicator. A reticular indicator is something that is around you but you don’t notice until someone points it out to you, and then you see it everywhere. Like the Toyota Prius. There were a lot on the road, but when they started getting more press and that kinda hippieyuppie friend of yours bought one, you started noticing them a lot more. Didn’t you? Anyway, I just got myself an IPod and I’ve noticed that just about everyone who isn’t pushing a shopping cart has one. So, to the local angle. If you happen to be using the Griffin ITrip FM adapter with your IPod in the Sacramento area, I’ve found the station with the least amount of interference and the best IPod signal is 97.5. If you don’t have an IPod, or aren’t using the ITrip, then please, ignore. But now that I’ve pointed it out, you won’t be able to ignore it. Will you?

2 thoughts on “Attention Local Ipod Users”

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing! Good call. I, too, have the Griffin FM adapter and there are few things that bug. You have to load the stations to your Library in order to use any station other than 87.9 and when taking a road trip this can be hassle trying to find an open station every 50 miles or so. Plus, if you enjoy the shuffle feature of your iPod those flippin’ stations are “played” like every 4th song resulting in a high pitch squeal for a second or two. So they tell you to move every song you have BUT your stations into a playlist and use that. Little clunky.


  2. Here’s my piece of advice. If you’re staying in the area, just uncheck all the stations that don’t work from your master playlist, then synch your IPod. That way only the 2 or 3 stations that work, 97.5, 107.1 and 87.9 will be saved in the ITrip playlist and won’t come up nearly as often in your random shuffle play….oh my god I can’t believe I just said that. I’m going to go put on a 45 on the turntable and relax.


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