Broadway? Bound!

As if there weren’t already a million cops there, Sacramento PD has announced a crackdown on speeders on Broadway. Motorists are warned to be extra vigilant while passing the Jamba Juice as chemically fortified juice is the new doughnut, don’t cha know. War on Speed ’05 is expected to last until next week or until some hot strippers show up at the Radisson again.

2 thoughts on “Broadway? Bound!”

  1. Don’t worry, all the traffic will come to a nearly complete stop now that the new Sacramento Comedy Spot studio has opened up at 1716 Broadway. People will be rubbernecking to see where all the hilarity comes from.


  2. Do I get a prize for being the first one pulled over for speeding? No ticket (I’m a girl!) but I think the husband’s Infiniti had a little too much pep for me on my quest to Target this morning.


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