Could We Have Written This One Up Any Better?

This story won’t do Sac’s reputation for driver inability any good, I reckon. And check it out, looks like KCRA is gettin’ a bit snarky themselves.

We’ve launched a snarkolution. And it has been televised.

By the way, I “accidentally” typed up this entry and hit “Publish”, and it showed up on the site! What are the odds!

4 thoughts on “Could We Have Written This One Up Any Better?”

  1. Funny, I was at a bbq last weekend where folks were talking about how Sacramento has one too many stories about cars crashing into stores, houses, you name it. Weird.


  2. If I was 95 and still driving, I’d run my cars into buildings all the time, just to say “Hey, I’m 95 and I’m still driving. I’m pretty damn spry for my age. What pretty lady wants to jump on my stickshift?”


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