Airport of choice?

I was reading this article from the Sac Union today (that’s right, “The Union is back…watch US GROW).” and wondered what the H E double hockey sticks they meant by this:

This figure represents the number of people who have chosen Sacramento International Airport as their airport of choice in the 12-month period from September 2004 through August 2005.

So these 10 million people don’t just live in town, but drove from locations far and wide to fly out of our fair “international” airport?

At any rate, I’ve been making frequent trips to SMF as of late and I must admit that it is easy to get to, easy to pick up/drop off, and not nearly as far away as Denver’s. Holy cow, what a mess that place is.

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4 thoughts on “Airport of choice?”

  1. Yeah- easy to get to, but don’t you DARE try to wait for someone to come out of the airport. We all know that any terrorist with ANY sense would only set off a bomb after waiting for 5-10 minutes in front of the airport. So to combat this practice, the SMF (insert your own “what ‘SMF’ REALLY stands for” here- mine: Sac Means Flies) police enforce a strict “10 seconds” policy. I certainly feel much safer now.

    So while it’s “easy” to get to (in the sense that you drive up “5” for 15 miles and turn at the airport sign, then drive 20 mph for 2 more miles), it would be nice to have a waiting zone, where people could park, sit, and wait for the cell phone call that their friend’s luggage FINALLY was thrown off the plane, onto the tarmac, and they can finally leave.

    True SMF ain’t as far away as Denver, but Denver has far fewer flies. Might be worth it, if it wasn’t snowing so darm much in Denver. Then again, it’s nice to see a little snow…


  2. I’ve always been a big fan of those tall suitcase pillars in the baggage claim area. How the baggage handlers were able to stack those suitcases up is beyond me.

    How people are supposed to get their suitcases out of those pillars, is even further beyond me.


  3. Great points, Squirty. Although I think you just got our Web site put on a homeland security watchlist. Thanks a lot!

    Additionally, Mr. Tip, as I was informed of by many of the locals after making similar snow allegations, “snow falls infrequently in Denver and usually disappears quickly”


  4. “Snow falls infrequently” probably won’t catch on like “The rain in Spain” Denver should fire the marketing people for that one.


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