Apple Hill, CoolDMZ-style

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The CoolDMZs made their way up to Camino for some apple tasting this weekend, inspired by sac-eats’ (or was it?) official Sac Rag unofficial guide. Needless to say, the apples were a-poppin, and a good time was had by all.

I have pictures (one of which is of a pig on a spit) and snarky things to say (if you didn’t assume that)…

The two locations we sampled were Honey Bear Ranch (not covered by sac-eats piece) and High Hill. Honey Bear Ranch gets two big thumbs up, especially if you want to eat some of this guy or one of his friends:

Can High Hill count as a classic Sacramento experience if it’s like 2 counties away? I think it can, since no other metro area can count it as a vacation spot. The crowds, the carnival atmosphere, the bizarre combination of goods being sold aside from apples. There was a kettle corn tent with a karma jar. A freakin karma jar. And a make your own wax candle tent, and I think I saw a hanging Cat-in-the-Hat statue in another. And then of course there’s fudge. Why all the fudge up in apple country? Why not sushi or designer handbags or something. Fudge made of apples, that I would understand. Oh and just in case you ever need to settle a bet about whether or not Fudge Factory is a separate legal entity, they have a sign to help you remember:

Because nothing says family fun in a rural paradise like that sign. Ugh.

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One thought on “Apple Hill, CoolDMZ-style”

  1. Hich Hill is all about REAL family values: cousin marryin’, horse whooppin’, an’ whiskey drankin’. Ain’t none o’ that fruity Coastal California krap goin’ on down in Hich Hill country. “We worsh our hand o’ that stuff.”

    After all the effort to make the sign, why not keep it nice, and peel the dying letters off the sign?


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