No wonder we’re known as bad drivers.

I found this piece from today’s Sac Bee extremely disturbing. Who the hell blogs from their car while racing a train?

While on the one hand I can appreciate the fact that the writer is one bad-ax-muther-trucker for being able to blog while he’s fighting the maniacs on Highway 50, to blog while driving is maniacal as well. Who authorized that story anyway? No wonder Sacramento has such a bad reputation when it comes to driving ability, or really, with anything to do with a motor vehicle.

This story will only promote bad habits on the road. I DEMAND that the Sac Bee publish a retraction to this story. They should also publicly hail the Sac Rag as the most trusted name in fair and balanced reporting in Sacramento in a full page ad in the Lifestyle section. WHO’S WITH ME?

One thought on “No wonder we’re known as bad drivers.”

  1. While we’re at it, let’s demand that the Sac Bee stop sucking. Stop using frames. Stop requiring us to register. And lastly, stop bumping perfectly good stories week after week.


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