Quick Hits: Local Mexican

I was walking downtown yesterday, the wind blowing full throttle, sheeting down fall leaves like Technicolor snowflakes, the ipod playing some intellectual Keith Jarrett piano solo and I thought “Christ, I feel like I’m in some independent film.” So, before I went all Zach Braff and convinced myself I could write a screenplay, I went to go get some tacos, because nothing is more down to earth than some good greezy Mexican food. If you need to shake the cotton loose try any of the following, they’re some of my favorites:

Angels Fresh Mex– 16th and U St.

Yes this is that place you see every time you take the 16th St. exit and head for downtown. And on occasion, you’ve said to yourself, “I should check that place out. It looks just run down enough to be good.” Well, it is run down, and you can only get your food at a walk-up window, but the food is fantastic. The meats used in dishes is so laced with flavor and spices that one can only imagine that they actually feed the hogs cumin and cilantro before they’re slaughtered. Prices are criminally low. Stop the car next time you’re heading downtown.

Rosalita’s– 1299 Florin Rd, at I-5

Not exactly convenient for most folks I know, but worth the trip. Rosalita’s chicken verde enchilada warms the tongue and the heart. Rosalita is not afraid of the heat, so if you like your food spicy, hit her up for some grub. Also, you will also notice that this is one of the cleanest restaurants you’ve ever seen. Then you’ll notice that Rosalita is a little OCD and vacuums the floor the entire time you’re eating. Don’t let it bother you, it makes her feel good.

Kico’s– Arden Blvd between Fulton and Howe

By far, the greasiest Mexican food in town. Yummy!

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  1. Here’s another “not exactly convenient for most folks” nomination: It’s Emma’ Taco House in W, Sac. We live nr the Sacto-Carmichael line, but still drive to W. Sac for what we consider to be the best Mexican food in the greater Sacto area. It’s been around for ages, and used to have a”branch” in downtown Sacto. Don’t know if the branch still exists, but, somehow, the food there never quite compared to that in W. Sac


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