They Say the Neon Lights Are Bright

As much as I’d like to mock his decision to take his one-man crusade to rid this country of Judeo-Christian God references to the stage in his hometown of Elk Grove, Michael Newdow probably made the right choice. How else are people who just aren’t politically and/or religiously motivated to agree or disagree with him going to have an opinion about him, if he doesn’t buy out a high school theater and show what an idiot he is through song and dance?

I keep reading, as in today’s recap of the musical even in the Bee, that Michael Newdow is a smart man. In his own words, his musical revue was meant to educate the public about the Constitution, but he just seems to me like a guy with a middle school education. Something about Newdow really brings out the snob in me. For example, when I hear him talking about the Constitution and Democracy I can’t help but remember the words of a 10 year old I tutored in the fall of 2000, who told me that Al Gore should be president over George W. Bush because Gore was vice president, and vice president was higher than governor.

As another example, he thinks it’s his Constitutional right to decide what gets to be printed on U.S. currency? If so, I’m taking my case for putting Kermit the Frog on the $100, because I’d love to hear gangsta rappers be forced to call them “Kermits” or “Froggies.”

The author of that Bee article, by the way, Blair Anthony Robertson, deserves honorary Sac Rag authorship for the intense snark skills he demonstrates in using God references throughout his piece. Nice work.

And for my final point, I’d like to say who knew it only took $1700 and something to say to rent out a high school theater? Don’t you think we could get more than 77 people to watch “Sac Rag: A New Musical”?

Author: CoolDMZ

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