Here’s to You, Mr. Bald Ice Skater Business Man

As you know the downtown outdoor ice skating rink is up and running. Usually it’s packed with kids after school hours. Today at lunchtime it was practically empty. That is except for a business man in a full-on suit & tie, leisurely doing laps on his lunch hour, with his hands casually behind his back and that slow-motion relaxed pace that people who can ice skate use. “That guy is cool,” I said to myself. And now you can say it too.

6 thoughts on “Here’s to You, Mr. Bald Ice Skater Business Man”

  1. Uh, do you like not own a digital camera or something? They’re not very expensive. I’ve even got one in my cell phone.


  2. All I have is my gift for language. Just kidding. I have a cell phone somewhere but it has no camera and sometimes the viewscreen dies for a couple of days for no apparent reason. I only have it charged for about one week of each month. So it’s a pretty sorry instrument. Except for that one week. I’m pretty sure if I had a camera I would lose it. But I see your point. It would totally have come in handy.


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