What’s a Walmart to do?


Certain businesses around town are being threatened with boycotts because they are trying to take a more secular approach to the holiday season. Yesterday, a few people took it upon themselves to protest outside a local Walmart.

People, find a new game. Protesting outside Walmart? That’s just been done to death. Besides, Walmart is the most powerful organization in the world, don’t you know?

And really, shouldn’t you be spending Christmas, by you know, celebrating Christmas?

One thought on “What’s a Walmart to do?”

  1. I was standing in line at Walmart Truxel a week ago, and this old guy strikes up a conversation with me. Out of blue, the guy starts bitching that he hasn’t seen any Christmas decor or heard any Christmas music in the Walmart. I said, “Uh-huh,” and feigned interest in a pack of Chicklets.

    Afterwards, I looked around the store, and the old dude was correct. No decorations, and no Christmas music. In fact, there was no musak at all, which I found odd. What I did see and hear were a lot of screaming children, a whole bunch of zombie-eyed shoppers and a big ugly box store. I thought, “Maybe this war on Christmas business is really rooted in people’s offended sense of aesthetics.” We like buying cheap shit from Walmart, but around the holidays we don’t appreicate digging for our gifts out of big bins.


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