Anyone got an ark?

Yikes! All of a sudden we’re getting all this talk about the threat of flooding in Sacramento. While the streets could use a big cleaning, it does sound rather ominous.

This morning, I was listening to the interviews that radio stations were running with local flood control officials. With the talk about significant rising of local water levels, I’m wondering if I should be concerned about what these officials are not saying, rather than about what they are saying.

Nonetheless, while I may be a little extra sensitive to the issue just because of the south Asia tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, it occured to me that perhaps it might be prudent to make sure my household will be ready for such events here, just in case. Lo and behold, the Sac Bee printed an article today about preparing for potential floods here. It’s a lot of common sense, but it certainly makes for a good checklist.

3 thoughts on “Anyone got an ark?”

  1. One key thing missing in the Bee’s disaster preparedness article was taking some extra steps to ensure pet safety, above and behond having a carrier and some food on hand. My beloved kitty is microchipped with my contact information since collars come off easily. Most vet offices and the Sacramento SPCA do this for about $15-20. I also have an envelope with his shot records and his health insurance policy (well worth the $10.65/month) in his carrier. /


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