Does this sound familiar?

The Sac Bee printed an interesting article today, matching up local population demographics with areas vulnerable to flooding. And guess what? The places that are most vulnerable to flooding also house our most vulnerable residents. Check out the article, and ups to the Bee for keeping an eye on this.

2 thoughts on “Does this sound familiar?”

  1. Quick- lets buy ’em canoes before they start bitching about “the man” sticking them in flood zones.
    OR- they could just buy the same SUBSIDISED flood insurance that everyone else can get (if they have anything to insure).


  2. “But privacy rules keep many of those groups from sharing information. The county, for example, has no legal jurisdiction to demand to see a roster of disabled residents kept by a nonprofit organization, officials say. So there is no master list.”

    So it’s ok to invade someone’s privacy when it comes to internet use, but not to save their lives during a natural disaster?


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