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This past weekend, I went down to Clarksburg to do some drinking. Sacramentans are still largely unaware of the burgeoning wine scene in Clarksburg, only seven miles south from West Sac on Hwy 160. Clarksburg has ten wineries and dozens more vineyards dotted across the Delta landscape. Wines in the Clarksburg appellation are typically fruity and bold due to the prime growing environment. This is a great time of year to visit the area as the weather is mild and the cherry blossoms that line the road have perfumed the air with a scent that makes me want to drink.

Bogle Vineyards is the best known of these wineries with a tasting room that has been operating since 1995. Bogle is the largest producer of Petite Sirah in the United States and this year�s release (2004) is particularly good. The tasting room offers more than a dozen wines and overlooks a picnic area in the vineyards.

The newest addition to the area is the Galeria do Vinho at the Old Sugar Mill. Wine co-ops are becoming more common in the Valley as they allow wineries without tasting rooms to showcase their wines. Galeria do Vinho is home to Carvalho Family Wines with more wineries to be added in the future. Carvalho also offered a dozen wines, including three ports: a ruby Portuguese-style, a Petite Sirah port which is very Californian and a flat-out phenomenal Tinta Madeira tawny port.

Scribner Bend Vineyards is across the river and only a few miles from the town of Freeport. Their vineyards are great for private parties and are secretly a local hangout for the more sophisticated Delta bum.

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  1. There is no better day trip than a drive down the river to Bogle for wine loving Sacramentans. The port this weekend was outstanding, and the barrel tasting at Bogle provided a tantalizing glimpse into the 2005 port’s complex features. They will be bottling the latest port in March and selling soon thereafter, according to the locals. Unfortunately, not all wine is created equal, and Scribner Bend testifies to that. However, the Scribner Bend servers are very nice and they have a wonderful atmosphere just across the river from Clarksburg. The future looks bright for local wines, and it’s wineries like Bogle that put Sacramento in the spotlight next to Napa/Sonoma and the El Dorado Hills as a destination. And best of all, our river wineries have managed to avoid, thus far, the snobbishness and pay per taste nature of the bigger wineries to the west.


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