City Theater’s “Beanstalk” pleases

Jacob Vuksinich as Jack and Mikayla Lambeth as
Kobe the Cow

Over the weekend a friend and I took our families (or they took us) to the City Theater’s Storytime theater production of “Jack and the Beanstalk.” The performance offered exactly what you want in children’s theater — a cute little story, some jokes aimed at the parents (in this case, lots of perfectly wholesome SF Giants bits), brisk timing, and not too much overacting. Doug Lawson’s staging is fresh, and it is a tidy piece of theater, with some funny talking cow business (always a necessity in quality children’s theater) and good performances overall.
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Double dose of the walking dead at MOBS

A zombie-themed double billing at Movies On a Big Screen Friday:

7 and 8:30 pm, “Dead Exit” (2009)
This is a locally produced and shot zombie horror flick, and it was actually filmed primarily on location at the Movies On a Big Screen theater. It’s a short film (about 20 minutes) that is being presented as a “Sneak Preview” before it heads out on the festival circuit. The cast and crew will be in attendance, and you can bet some of them will be dressed as reanimated ghouls.

The reanimated infestation has reached a crisis point, overwhelming both local law enforcement and federal agencies. Designated evacuation and quarantine sites, known as “green zones,” were developed to protect the few survivors and strategic assets that remained. … In the midst of the chaos and confusion caused by the latest collapse in the perimeter, three lone survivors rush to the final evacuation point.

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“Suspiria” @ Movies on a Big Screen


If you’re still looking for something spooky to do Halloween night and you’re into artsy gore … then let’s face it, you’ve probably already seen the 1977 Italian horror flick “Suspiria.” I have not actually seen this film, but reading about it and seeing a few stills has always been as much contact with it as I desire. I do appreciate the allure of 70s film, but I don’t dig on horror as a genre because I am a big sissy baby. However, I am also the kind of person to recommend a movie that I know other people think is hip just so that I can seem hip by association. In conclusion and in summary, go see “Suspiria” on Halloween but don’t bring any babies, whether they are tall grown men acting like them or the actual kind.

10/31, 7:00 PM
600 4th St, West Sac
Admission: $5.00

West Sacramento: Mexican Mashup

There are many things that West Sacramento is known for: river views, the port…westness. Now you can add one more thing to that list. West Sac is a haven for great, unpretentious Mexican fare. On almost every street corner there is a family run taco shop or burrito barn just waiting to treat you to cross-border delicacies with minimal flair.  Here’s a quick rundown of some joints you can try: Continue reading “West Sacramento: Mexican Mashup”

Views On Development, Sacramento Style

-This morning, my Peet’s coffee jerk said something shocking. There is a new building going up on the corner of 19th and S in the Safeway marketplace across the parking lot from Peet’s, and in reference to it she said, “How funny would it be if a Starbucks went up there.” Then she laughed maniacally. I love Peet’s employees for their coffee cockiness. They basically dare SBUX to move into their neighborhoods so that they can demolish them.

-A prominent article in the bee discusses development for West Sacramento. From the tone of the article, it sounds like most folks are looking forward to the change and the facelift planned for Capitol Ave. However, one resident complained that development brings traffic. “West Sacramento used to be sort of country, and now it’s getting like the rest of the county,” he says. Good point, sir. Things aren’t what they used to be since the Indians left.
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IKEA made EZ

With an upcoming cocktail party, I needed to get my hands on some fun napkins, candles, and other festive accoutrements. Having been a past IKEA customer, I knew they’d meet my needs, but I was sore afraid of the throngs of people.

Braving the elements, I pointed myself toward West Sac and was in and out of IKEA within an hour – heavily laden with giant bags of party wares, and not having spent too much money.

Here’s how you can have an easy IKEA experience, especially if you’re going in primarily for their Marketplace items:
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Ikea descends on Sacramento. Run for your life.

Editor’s Note: Local Sacramento blogger Plumwin was kind enough to submit this report to the Sac Rag on her recent visit to the new Ikea store in West Sacramento. For more commentary on Ikea, please to visit John’s post over at Uneasy Rhetoric which is simply gold.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you should be aware that there is a new IKEA opening up in West Sacramento (Bee article, registration required) on March 1st. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in their pre-opening “Friends & Family” event and decided I’d give it a shot. I didn’t know how many of these golden tickets were given out but I assumed it wasn’t half of the city. I was wrong. The event was from 2pm – 5pm and we arrived about 2:30 and proceeded to crawl from the freeway exit to the entrance for a good hour. That wasn’t going to deter us and we soldiered onward…

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Clarksburg Wines

This past weekend, I went down to Clarksburg to do some drinking. Sacramentans are still largely unaware of the burgeoning wine scene in Clarksburg, only seven miles south from West Sac on Hwy 160. Clarksburg has ten wineries and dozens more vineyards dotted across the Delta landscape. Wines in the Clarksburg appellation are typically fruity and bold due to the prime growing environment. This is a great time of year to visit the area as the weather is mild and the cherry blossoms that line the road have perfumed the air with a scent that makes me want to drink.
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The Day the Lights Went Out in Southport

Spent an idyllic Sunday late morning at Dave’s Pumpkin Patch in West Sac. Did the usual family guy stuff; snapped some nice photos, petted farm animals, walked amongst the pumpkins, stared in horror as subdivisions actually appeared to spread into the farmland. The weather was wonderful, one of those days in Sac that makes you remember weather can actually be nice, rather than just a giant thumb pressing down on you every day. Didn’t plan on putting the CoolDMZ hat on, preferring the blissful anonymity of being just another citizen, rather than one of its foremost chroniclers.

And then everything at Dave’s Pumpkin Patch went haywire, and as you know my friends, that’s when CoolDMZ goes to work.
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To Label Me Is to Negate Me… From Standing, Sitting, Walking…

Came across this blog today that I feel may pique a few of our reader’s interest.

Some lowlights include:

  • …preventing labeled gang members from “standing, sitting, walking, driving, gathering or appearing, anywhere in public view or any place accessible to the public”
  • …most criminal activity involving graffiti, possession or sale of drugs and weapons, vandalism, assault and theft involving nonwhite assailants are labeled as gang-related.
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